Best Diwali Photography Ideas for you

Hey everyone! Here the Diwali comes again. And we have a great opportunity to click and make our portfolio one step ahead. This Diwali 2017 we think of clicking some exciting images and celebrate with our best DSLR. Diwali gives us lots of opportunities to click awesome image all categories of photography from street to candid, landscape to skyscapes. Sometimes Diwali makes photographers confuse! What to click? Therefore we make a list of some of the best Diwali Photography ideas for you so that you can have some fun this Diwali.

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Let’s start with Diwali Photography Ideas…

1 Diya Photography 

Diwali! the festival of lights…  this is must be your theme for Diwali photography. You will get lights everywhere during Diwali in India. From village to city you can shoot exciting images of light from different angles.

diwali photography ideas

You can wish Diwali your way through an image of light. You will get Diya everywhere in Diwali. Think and click it on your own way.

2. Electric Light Photography.

You will get electric led light everywhere decorated during Diwali in India. Think about your image, click the best shot possible.

Diwali photography ideas

Image credit:

This is very easy to get some lights during Diwali, you need to compose your shot. Click and share Diwali wishes through your image.

3. Click some Stunning Macro this Diwali.

love Macro Photography?

Diwali photography ideas

Image Credit:

It’s the time to express your talents. You can look up and pick up your macro lens or use an 18-55 with a reverse macro ring. Find something exciting and Click it.

4. Family Photography

In India, Diwali is the festival of light and also the time of family get together. Therefore it is a good time to get some family photos.

diwali photography ideas

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Take photos of your own family and neighbours too. Share them and feel the joy of Diwali.

5.Food Photography

Where family meets, means there are lots of dishes. Why should we try some food photography? Let’s try it.

diwali photography tips

Image Credit:


6. Firecracker

Though I am not a big fan of a firecracker, you can also click some image of firecracker during Diwali.

diwali photography ideas


7. Diwali portrait

You can click portrait photos during Diwali. 

diwali photography ideas

Image credit: Pixoto

8. Baby Photography

If you love baby it is your best time…

diwali photography ideas

Image Credit:

Click Some good image and share them as a Diwali gift.

9. Click Prayer pictures on your own way.

diwali photography tips

That’s not all….

10. Don’t forget to click your friends.

diwali photography ideas


You can also read our guide Photography Tips for Beginners if you are a beginner.

The above are some Diwali photography ideas and tips. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment.


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