DSLRDashboard -Controller for your DSLR

looking for an app for controlling your DSLR remotely? Here it is, The DSLRDASHBOARD. Now you can control your camera from multi-platform DSLR camera app DSLRDASHBOARD.

DSLRDashboard the app for your DSLR


Photo credit: pixabay.com

DSLRdashbord is a DSLR remote app for Android, Windows, iOS, Linux and OSX platform. It is a cross-platform DSLR app that can control your Nikon, Canon, and Sony DSLR.

qdslrdashboard supports multicamera at a time.

DSLRdashbord can be connected via

  • USB: Can be connected via USB to your Windows, Android, Osx or Linux with an OTG.
  • Network: you can connect it to the qdslrdashboard server with OpenWRT router.
  • Wireless: you can also connect it to Nikon’s inbuilt wifi or using wifi adaptor or Canon WFT and Sony mirror-less cameras with built-in wireless using the Playmemories ‘Smart remote control’ app.

DslrDashboard features:

  • You can change camera settings/properties.
  • Initiate capture images
  • Display live view with supported DSLRs
  • Record videos with supported DSLRs
  • BULB capture with supported DSLRs
  • You can browse images on local and SD card
  • Custom bracketing in Manual and Aperture priority mode
  • Focus Staking, Sky Staking, and interval timer can be done
  • LrTimelapse screen for time-lapse shooting available
  • Capture history enable
  • Control the Dynamic Perception NMX motion controller
  • Can be used as Nikon remote control app
  • Can be used as DSLR remote app

You can download this DSLR app for android from google play store.

For rest of the operating system, you can download the SLR Camera app from Dslrdeshboard website.


Why do you need such an app like Dslrdashboard?

This kind of application makes your photographic journey easy. You do not need to carry a remote controller for your DSLR. With the help of the app, you can control your DSLR and click pictures using your smartphone.

It is very helpful while clicking long exposed shots. It can perform more task then your remote controller. Therefore we think Dslrdashboard is a good option.


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