Basic Tips For Shooting The Best Picture on Diwali

Want to learn how you can shoot the best picture on this Diwali?

We bestdslrunder.com brings these super friendly Basic tips for shooting great pictures of the Diwali festival. If you are not a professional photographer, then it is quite a bit difficult for you to click awesome photos in Diwali. because there are so many subjects. Its harder to focus on what to shoot or not. if you choose one but how? Therefore we bring this special article for people like you with a DSLR. Let’s check out how these Diwali photography tips work for you!

Basic tips for shooting good images of Diwali festival celebration

Our Top 5 Diwali photography Tips for shooting the best picture.

1. Don’t be ashamed to bring your camera everywhere you go in this Diwali.

People often don’t want to bring the camera everywhere you go. But the best picture of Diwali may be waiting for you somewhere. Candid shots are the one that kind of images. If you are unable to access your camera within a certain time that will be gone. So I suggest you bring your camera everywhere you go. Pro photographers never leave his camera at home. Follow them and you will get at least some satisfying shots at the end of the day.

2. Always use a tripod for long exposer shots.

pictures of the Diwali festival in India

Shooting pictures of the Diwali festival in India is awesome if you have the proper knowledge. In most cases, in Diwali, you need to shoot some log exposure duration shots like a firework, etc. So it is better to use a tripod. It will reduce the shake on the image.

3. choose F8 or low aperture to click with slower shutter speed.

basic tips for shooting good pictures on Diwali

Lower shutter speed will record some more time on your image. the image will look like this one. Aperture f8 or lower will give you more focus.

4. To keep the image lit, use flash compensation.

5. It’s better to use a zoom lens for shooting images from a distance

Bonus tip on capturing Diwali portrait:

use wide aperture like f1.4 or 1.8 for clicking better portrait images. you need to choose a higher shutter speed like 1/60 to 1/100 sec for a better-un-shaked image.

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Basic Tips For Shooting The Best Picture on Diwali ||Tips for shooting firework

Everyone loves Diwali fireworks images. How to shoot them?Camera settings for clicking perfect firework in Diwali

1.Camera settings for clicking perfect firework in Diwali. You need a slow shutter speed 1/18 to 1/65 and f8 ore lower depending on your situation. You can not shoot with these settings. So try with a tripod and a camera remote. Now you can shoot fireworks in the black sky. try different shutter speeds to bring extra waw for your image.

2.If frame the shot in advance it will beneficial to you.

In the night sky, it is very difficult to focus. So observe the situation and find the spot where the firework is going on. You can use infinite focus to bring everything on focus. Manual focus sometimes works well in this situation. You can use live view on DSLRs and point and shoots for better Diwali Firework Images.

3. In addition to manual focus, you can choose f8 or low aperture, so that you can use slow shutter speed.

4. You can use ISO freely as per your camera can handle. Please check your manual for that or google it. If there is a little bit of noise that can be fixed in editing(Post-processing). So it is not a very big issue.

Tips for shooting better Portrait photos in this Diwali.

  1. Use f1.4 or f1.8. This will give you an awesome background. If there is some light in background it will make some bokeh and that looks awesome like this image. try to click some images like this.

Tips for shooting better Portrait photos in this Diwali.

2.If you have some sort of light and a flash, that you can go for backlit images. Use the flash with a camera and another light source at the backside of the subject.

back lit images

How to take beautiful candid street photos in this Diwali?

Candid street photos also an amazingly interesting subject. for that you need a zoom lens in most of the cases. But you can also try it with whatever with you.take beautiful candid street photos in this Diwali

  1. using a zoom lens is always better. you do not need to go closer to the firework. This will decrease the risk factor.
  2. Use a wide aperture lens. Wider aperture helps you to shoot in low light with high shutter speed. That will increase the quality of your photograph by reducing shakes.


For most of the non-professional people, the whole photography things are over subsequent to clicking a shot. Not many consider getting them edited. In this way, in the event that you are happy to contribute some an opportunity to take a shot at those ideal shots that you have caught, here are not many tips on processing.

Post preparing pictures utilizing Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Post preparing pictures utilizing Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom1) Lighten up the dim back streets or under uncovered shots or explicit regions of a picture with Radial Filter in Lightroom 7 and Photoshop CC’s Camera Raw channel. You can likewise help up explicit territories of a picture.

2) Make the Diwali lights and encompassing look great by light-painting them with explicit hues. The Adjustment Brush in Lightroom 7 and Camera Raw in Photoshop CC will enable you to accomplish the look effortlessly.

3) Use the Camera Shake Reduction channel to expel all camera shake from your pictures.

4) Click somewhat over the uncovered picture as it’s simpler to recover subtleties during post handling. Expanding the presentation of under-uncovered pictures in Lightroom or Photoshop will bring about better permeability of the things in your photograph.

Lightroom free tutorial


5) Always shoot RAW. Crude pictures have bigger measure of light information contrasted with normal jpeg pictures. One can recover every one of the subtleties from a RAW picture while keeping the quality. Changing introduction, contrast, features and shadows slider will start to give you better outcomes.

6) Shooting in RAW will enable you to play with various white equalization options in Lightroom. Select diverse white equalization settings; play around with temperature slider to get the ideal state of mind of the shot.

Showed signs of improvement thoughts or tips? It would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to share your idea on shooting great pictures of the Diwali festival.

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