Best Diwali Photography Ideas for you (Updated)

Diwali photography tips

Hey everyone! Here the Diwali comes again. And we Photographers have a great opportunity to click and make our portfolio one step ahead. This Diwali 2019 we think of clicking on some exciting images and celebrate with our best DSLR. Diwali gives us lots of opportunities to click awesome images all categories of photography from street to candid, landscape to skyscapes. Sometimes Diwali makes photographers confuse! What to click?

Therefore we make a list of some of the best Diwali Photography ideas for you so that you can have some fun this Diwali.

Let’s start with Diwali Photography Ideas…


1. Diya Photography 

Diwali! the festival of lights…  this is must be your theme for Diwali photography. You will get lights everywhere during Diwali in India. From village to city you can shoot exciting images of light from different angles. The best part for you as a photographer is that you can earn some bucks selling your photos this Diwali. Upload all the photos to stock photography sites like Shutterstock. Name your photos properly. Describe it well and get your first sale.


Learn how to sell stock photos


diwali photography ideas

Diwali celebration photography and HD Diwali photos are in great demand in 2019. So try to click some Diwali celebration photos as stock.

You can wish Diwali your way through an image of light. You will get Diya everywhere in Diwali. Think and click it in your own way.

2. Electric Light Photography.

You will get electric led light everywhere decorated during Diwali in India. Think about your image, click the best shot possible. Buy some photography LEDs and experiment it in your way. 

Diwali photography ideas
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This is very easy to get some lights during Diwali, you need to compose your shot. Click and share Diwali wishes through your image.

3. Click some Stunning Macro this Diwali.

love Macro Photography?

Diwali photography ideas
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It’s time to express your talents. You can look up and pick up your macro lens or use an 18-55 with a reverse macro ring. Find something exciting and Click it.

4. Family Photography

In India, Diwali is the festival of light and also the time of family get together. Therefore it is a good time to get some family photos.

diwali photography ideas
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Take photos of your own family and neighbors too. Share them and feel the joy of Diwali. Gift your favorite friend a photo album as the best Diwali gift.

5.Diwali Food Photography ideas

Where the family meets, means there are lots of dishes. Why should we try some food photography? Let’s try it.

In Diwali people love to eat lots of sweets. We as a photographer have lots of opportunities to click these foods.


diwali photography tips
Image Credit:

6. Firecracker is the best Diwali photography opportunity for us.

Though I am not a big fan of a firecracker, you can also click some image of firecracker during Diwali. Firecrackers make huge pollution. That is not good for our environment. We can show the theme to the world with our Diwali photography ideas and skills.

diwali photography ideas

We can click slow-motion photographs of cracking firecrackers. slow-motion photos are awesome way to celebrate this Diwali with a camera. you should not miss this opportunity.

7. Diwali portrait photography idea.

You can click portrait photos during Diwali. Most of the friends and families back home to celebrate Diwali in India. Why should we waste a big fat Indian family portrait session!. Photography companies like never miss such occasions. Book yours too.

diwali photography ideas
Image credit: Pixoto

8. Baby Photography in this Diwali

If you love baby it is your best time… babies and toddlers love to play during the festive seasons. You should not miss your probable baby photography clients. Just visit them and offer your Diwali discount. Boom! your business is also done along with the Diwali celebration. You also gathered some Diwali stocks as well for your stock upload.

diwali photography ideas
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Extra tip for photographers: Click Some good images and share them as a Diwali gift with your logo.

9. Click Prayer pictures in your own way.

People love unseen pictures of them. During prayer, they are in such a situation that they can’t feel how they look at that situation. Click them at the right time and show them after the prayer. The waw feeling on them makes you satisfied.

diwali photography tips

That’s not all…

10. Don’t forget to click your friends.

diwali photography ideas

Bonus Diwali event photography tips to boost your imagine experience.


Shooting events is kind of a unique ballgame than alternative kinds of photography. The challenge that comes with event photography, whether or not which means capturing an evening party, a music competition will be difficult within the best manner potential.



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The most necessary gear for shooting events is that the lens on your camera, that must have a quick aperture, ideally f/2.8 and quicker. Don’t panic, though: whereas pic lenses may be dear at these aperture ranges, you’ll devour some fantastic primes for a fraction of the value.

Dependable choices for event photography for each Canon ar Nikon shooters are the 24-70 f/2.8 and also the 70-200 f/2.8. These are beasts of lenses that provide glorious sharpness, impressive low-light performance, and quick focusing. They additionally come back with a hefty worth.

Personally, I shoot with the 70-200 for candid shots, then I take advantage of a large angle 17-40 with a flash to urge a rather completely different look. The wide angle may be a bit slow (f/4), however with the high ISO capability of my full-frame Canon, this isn’t most of a difficulty.

Other nice lenses for event photography (for Canon) embody the 16-35 f/2.8, the 50mm prime (f/1.8, f/1.4 or f/1.2) and also the 85mm prime (also in f/1.8 – f/1.2 configurations). The quicker the lens, the dearer it is! For specific events, you would possibly additionally realize a wide-angle lens adds a motivating twist, and for events, then a macro can allow you to capture intimate details that alternative lenses would miss.


If you’re shooting low-light events and need to stay to natural light-weight, you’re attending to need a camera that performs well at high ISO settings, within the vary of 1600 – 12800 or higher. this can be wherever several lower-end cameras begin to point out their limitations.


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I would advocate a full-frame camera if you’ll be able to stretch to — the larger sensing element size leads to additional light-weight being captured, and therefore the newer models from Canon, Sony and Nikon supply glorious performance at high ISOs, manufacturing absolutely usable pictures with very little noise even at 6400 ISO and higher than.


For some events, you’re additionally getting to need a flash. Flash photography could be a whole completely different photography ability, on the far side the scope of this text (but we tend to cowl it during this post). wherever potential, I like better to shoot mistreatment on the market light-weight, however, I do love the inventive potentialities that a flash offers, and generally you only would like one to induce the shot.

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If you are doing get a flash, take care to find out the way to use it properly, and invest in a very softbox or similar started to avoid making that shiny, caught-in-the-headlights look. Walls can become your friend, as you’ll wish to bounce the sunshine off them. I’d additionally advise wanting into the inventive potentialities that the second curtain synchronize offers you with slow shutter speed.

Click Diwali photos with your mobile. Click to know-how!

You can also read our guide Photography Tips for Beginners if you are a beginner.

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Diwali Photography Tips for Everyone

Conclusion: The above are some Diwali photography ideas and tips. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment.



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