Best DSLR accessories For Beginners [2018]

Every photographer or photography beginner need some accessories for desired photography work. Today we are going to make a list of Best DSLR accessories For Beginners and essential camera accessories for every kind of photographers. We are going to create a common list of best DSLR accessories for beginners and professionals.

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That’s not all,

We also create a list of essential camera accessories for every kind of photographers in modern photography life.


Best DSLR Accessories For Beginners and professionals in modern photography life. (Common Needs only)

camera accessories list

  • DSLR Bag
  • Tripod
  • Tripod Holder
  • Remote Control
  • Aditional Lens
  • Additional Battery
  • Lens Filters
  • Memory Card
  • Lens and Sensor Cleaner
  • Lens Hood
  • External Flash
  • Flash Defuser
  • High-Speed Card Reader.
  • Hard Drives
  • Softbox
  • Studio light Set
  • Radio Trigger
  • Extension Cord
  • Grey card
  • Reflector
  • Neck Strap
  • Hand Strap
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • A laptop
  • Post-processing Software

The above are the essential DSLR camera accessories. all the accessories are not needed for a particular kind of photography. Therefore we decide to make a list for every kind of photography so that we can help you out right kind of photography gear for your kind of DSLR camera photography. Let’s separate by passion.

Let’s separate the must have DSLR camera accessories by passion.

Best DSLR accessories For for beginners.

Beginners Don’t need lots of lots of cameras equipment. You can buy minimal equipment to start your photography journey.

Note: If you have not bought a DSLR yet, please visit Best DSLR Camera for beginners.

DSLR BAG (Best DSLR accessories For Beginners and professionals)

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First, you need a Camera beg as soon as you bought your first DSLR. It is your first level of protection for your DSLR. Often we think of a cheap DSLR bag, but as per our opinion, you need a good quality DSLR bag, so that you don’t need to buy it again and again. You should also think of the camera accessories that you need to buy in future. So its good to buy a spacious camera bag with whom you can carry all of your must have DSLR camera accessories. However, you can choose from backpack or sling pack as your personal choice.

Tripod (Best DSLR accessories For Beginners and professionals)

Image credit: Google Images

Tripod is one of the best friends a photographer. It helps the photographer to shoot slow shutter speed shots. As like camera bag, you also need a good tripod so that you don’t need to buy it again and again.

  • You should select a good strong tripod so that it never shake during your click.
  • A lightweight one is good for travel photographer
  • You should buy a tripod that goes up your eye level.

Some of the best Tripods are

Tripod Holder

You can buy some tripod holder and with it, you can mount your camera and smartphone too

Check this out.

Remote Control (Best DSLR accessories For Beginners and professionals)

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You need a remote control to click long exposed shots. Like this so many situations, you need a trigger for your camera wired or wirelessly to click images.

For group shots including yourself needs a wireless trigger. You can use it for long exposer landscape photography too.

Photographers also love to use Remote control for astrophotography. generally wireless remote is flexible, but you can also buy a wired remote control too.

You can also use DSLR dashboard or other smartphone apps as a remote controller for your DSLR.

You can buy remote for your DSLR from Amazon, at a cheap price.

Aditional Lens(Best DSLR accessories For Beginners and professionals)

Lenses are the key accessories for a photographer. But each kind of photographer needs the different type of lenses as per their requirements.

You can also read our guide DSLR Lenses for beginners 2017.

Some common lenses that you can use most of your photography are

18-55mm kit lens

It is a kit lens and you can use it for all purpose like portrait, landscape, and macro photography. With a reverse ring, the 18-55 f3.5 lens gives amazing macro photos.

70-200 f2.8 lens

It is one of the best lenses for wedding, portrait, sports, wildlife, and landscape photography. You can take it to your DSLR bag. the flexible zoom range with the wide aperture. You can shoot in low lighting conditions with this type of lens.

24-70 mm f2.8

this lens is also a multi-purpose lens. Mostly you can be used in landscape photography, wedding photography as well as portrait photography too. Group shots can be clicked easily. wider aperture helps you to click in low light situations.

50mm f1.8

F1.8 with 50mm focal length lens is a good one for portrait photography. You will get the sharper image with great bokeh effect. It is one of the best selling lense from both Canon and Nikon cameras.

Additional Battery

The entry-level DSLR has very low battery life compared to the professional one. One extra battery gives you the power to continue without stopping your work. Find the perfect battery for your DSLR at

Lens Filters

Image Credit: Google Images

Some Lens filters help the photographer to capture beautiful images, some are used just for protecting the front element of your DSLR lens.

  • ND filter: Neutral density filter helps you shoot in bright light with a wide aperture.  Wide aperture means more bokeh and beautiful image. It increases the capability of your DSLR.
  • Polarized Filter: Polarize filter is used to increase or decrease the polarized effect. Photographer can get the best image without reflection using a polarizing filter.
  • UV Filter: Used to protect the front element of DSLR lens.

Memory Card

You need to choose faster one for your DSLR. But if you are a professional buy the fastest. So that you can get buffer-free images. Some memory cards read-write at a speed of 80 MBps. these are good for day-to-day photography. If you are a pro, then you should buy a memory card that can read or write at 95MBps or more.

Buy memory card now

Lens and Sensor Cleaner

Lens and sensor cleaning is a sensitive job, we do not recommend it unless you know the process. We often face some dust or water drop issue with our camera gear during work. It is necessary to clean it. Therefore a lens and sensor cleaner are a must have camera gadget of photographers backpack.

you can buy a good lens and sensor cleaner from

Lens Hood

Lens hood is generally used to protect glare from a light source. Sometimes it protects lens too. A good lens hood is an essential camera accessory for DSLR Camera photography.

Best DSLR accessories For Semi-Pro photographers

External Flash

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Flash helps the photographer to click in low light situations. Sometimes we use flash to create the extra wow factor in daylight also. A best external flash can make your good image an awesome image. Some of the best flashes for every kind of photography is as below.

Best Overall Flash from Canon: Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite Flash

It is a professional flash, not for beginners.Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite Flash covers 20mm to 200 mm. Optical transmission system and built-in radio help photographer to use it from long range.

Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite Flash (Black)
  • Wireless multiple flash system uses radio wave communication for enhanced control of up to 5 groups of flashes
  • Dot matrix LCD panel and backlit button provide easy visibility
₹ 70,000 from ₹ 26,895

Best Budget Flash for all Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Fuji: Yongnuo YN560 IV Speedlite Wireless Flash with Master and Slave

If you are a beginner photographer and new to flash photography it is the best choice within budget But TTL is not available.

Yongnuo YN560 IV Speedlite Wireless Flash with Master and Slave (Black)
  • Supports wireless slave function, fully supports YN560-TX, RF-603 II RF-602 wireless transmitter
  • Supports multiple trigger synchronous mode
₹ 19,999 ₹ 5,500


Best Flash for Beginner Photographer: Neewer NW-561 Speedlite Flash with LCD Display


Probably the best cheapest flash for beginner photographers. It can be rotated 180 degrees and also have power saving mode for long sessions.

Neewer NW-561 Speedlite Flash With LCD Display For Canon & Nikon Digital DSLR Cameras
  • Product Type: Shoe Mount Flashes
  • Powerful Flash With High Guide No.35(Iso 100, 35Mm),Supports M/Multi/S1/S2 Flash Mode
₹ 8,873 ₹ 5,688


Flash Defuser

Flash Defuser used to defuse or scatter light from your flash. That helps the photographer to lighten dark areas.



Best DSLR accessories For for Professionals


High-Speed Card Reader.

It is also an important accessory to transfer data from your DSLR memory card. We should not overlook it, in a high-pressure job it is essential to save data quickly if memory cards are full. A high-speed card reader can save your time.

Transcend USB 3.0 Super Speed Multi-Card Reader for SD/SDHC/SDXC/MS/CF Cards (TS-RDF8W)
  • Super-Speed USB 3.0 interface (also compatible with USB 2.0)
  • Supports SDHC UHS-1, SDXC UHS-1, UDMA6/UDMA7 CF and MSXC cards Offers a free download of RecoveRx data recovery software
₹ 4,060 ₹ 1,598


Hard Drives. (Best DSLR accessories For Beginners and professionals)

It is necessary to backup every shooting as soon as possible. Our recommendation is to save the same data two or more different hard drives.

ADATA HD650 1TB Durable Shock Resistant External Hard Drive, Red
  • Designed to Absorb the Hardest Knocks: The triple-layer construction of the HD650 incorporates unique silicone material with exceptional elasticity to provide great shock absorption on all axes
  • The Capacity You Need: As the quantity of treasured high-definition photos and videos continues to increase for the average consumer, the HD650 comes in capacities of 1 terabyte and 2 terabyte, providing ample storage space for modern digital lives
₹ 6,999 ₹ 5,450
Seagate Backup Plus 4TB External MacBook Hard Drive (White)
  • Fully compatible with Time Machine right out of the box
  • Install the HFS+ driver for PC and you can use the drive interchangeably between Windows and Mac computers without reformatting
₹ 31,899 ₹ 11,581

Soft Box/Umbrella

Softbox helps us with natural window type lighting. Umbrella is also used to reflect light like a softbox. These are used for portrait photography.


BOXTUDIO-Tabletop Portable PhotoStudio-THINK INSIDE THE BOX !-100% MADE IN INDIA
  • Compact Cube shaped 38x38x38 cms (15x15x15 inches) Portable Photo Studio (Foldable Structure)
  • Inbuilt Waterproof HD LEDs with Diffuser Lens for Best results
₹ 3,499 from ₹ 2,499
Neewer 47"/120cm Octagonal Speedlite, Studio Flash, Speedlight Umbrella Softbox with Carrying Bag for Portrait or Product Photography
  • The light diffusion surface diameter is 47"/12cm, with wide range of applications, suitable for portrait or product photography.
  • It is a soft box when being spread and like an umbrella when being folded, easy to use.
₹ 5,499 ₹ 3,999
Sonia Pair Porta Umbrella Video Light 4 Still Video Photography Portable Studio Kit
  • Contents:- Porta Light- 2 nos; Porta Light Bag - 2 nos; Light Stand LS-250 - 2 nos; AC Power Cord - 2 nos; White Umbrella - 2 nos; Kit Bag - 1 nos;
  • Use With 1000 Watt Tube, Can be mounted directly onto the light stand.
₹ 12,248 ₹ 4,990


Studio light set (Best DSLR accessories For Beginners and professionals)

Studio light set gives you the ability to click photos inside your studio or in any dark room. you can use it creatively to click Backlit shots. 3point lighting is always good for photography. Studio light set is best DSLR accessories for beginners as well as pros who love indoor portraits or fashion Photography.


solidgears Croma Lighting Set Complete Sonia Tri Light
  • Croma lighting set
  • For photography
₹ 49,950 ₹ 34,950


Here is a video from on youtube.

Video credit: Youtube


Radio Trigger

A radio trigger can be used to fire a flash wirelessly from distance. Photographers often use it to fire umbrella set, softbox or remote flash firing during shooting.

JJC Wireless Remote Control & Flash Trigger Kit, 433mHz, 16 Channels (1 x Receiver) JF-U1
  • Wireless flash trigger (for studio light)
  • Wired remote control(for dslr camera with remote socket)
₹ 2,698 ₹ 1,749


Extension Cord

An Electrical Extention cord with multi-socket help in many cases. You can connect multiple electronic types of equipment and can charge your DSLR batteries too.


Grey card

Grey card helps the photographer to adjust white balance quickly and effortlessly. Sometimes camera can’t detect accurate white balance, or we need a specific white balance, then we need to set the white balance. It can be done with a grey card.

Go to custom white balance setting on your camera. Click the image of a grey card full frame. the camera will ask an image to set the white balance. You need to select the Grey card image. The camera will automatically detect the best white balance for that lighting conditions.

Reflector(Best DSLR accessories For professionals)

As we need to shoot in indoor as well as outdoor, reflector helps us to use the light pointed to the desired location.



Neck Strap(Best DSLR accessories For Beginners and professionals)

Neck Strap is a common camera accessory for photographers. You can use the one comes with the camera. Sometimes photographer likes to change it for the comfort and also select a strap matched with suitings. you can buy your desired one from Amazon.



Hand Strap

Hand strap helps the photographer to take handheld shots without any worry of falling the camera from hand. Most of the log shoots like weddings, and events need a hand strap.


USA Gear DualGRIP Stabilizing Digital SLR Camera Hand Strap Grip for Nikon D7100 , D5200 , D5100 , D600 , D800 , D7000 , D3100 & More DSLR Cameras - Includes Cleaning Kit
  • Product Type: Binocular, Camera & Camcorder Straps
  • This product is imported from USA - It is a 100% genuine product
₹ 4,000 ₹ 2,387



Cleaning Cloth  (Best DSLR accessories For Beginners and professionals)

Cleaning cloths are also one of the must have DSLR camera accessories for both newbies and pros. if you use your DSLR it will be dirty every time more or less. So you need some good quality cleaning cloths. Buy the best soft cloth for your camera.


Gizga Essentials Gz-Ck-102 Professional Cleaning Kit (Plush Micro-Fiber Cloth, 170Ml Antibacterial Cleaning Solution)
  • Cleaning Kit for Laptops, LED TV, LCD, mobile phones, digital cameras, DSLR, camcorders, filters, lenses, binoculars and other sensitive electronics, etc
  • The cleaning Kit is composed of carefully selected tools and materials to safely and effectively clean your device, each item included in your cleaning kit is inspected for quality assurance before shipping
₹ 599 from ₹ 179

That’s not all,

The above are the must have DSLR camera accessories for the beginner and Semi-pro photographers. Though you need two more things not directly related to DSLR, without this two things a photographer’s accessories list is not completed. One is a laptop and other is post-processing software.


A laptop(Best DSLR accessories For Beginners and professionals)

You need a good laptop to handle your post-processing job. check the best of the best one …


Apple MacBook Pro MLW82HN/A 2016 15-inch Laptop (Core i7/16GB/512GB/Mac OS/2GB Graphics), Silver
  • 2.7GHz Intel Core i7 processor; 720p FaceTime HD camera
  • 16GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3 onboard memory
₹ 222,500
ASUS R558UQ-DM1106D (Intel Core i7 7500U (7th Gen) / 8GB DDR4 / 1TB / NV GT 940MX 2G DDR3 / DOS (Dark Blue)
  • Intel' Core i7-7500U 2.7 GHz, 4MB Cache, up to 3.50 GHz
  • 8GB DDR4 / 1TB HDD / DVDRW
₹ 59,990
MSI 15.6-inch 120Hz 3ms Ultra-Thin Light Gaming Laptop i7-7700HQ GTX 1070 8G 16GB 256GB SSD and 1TB (Aluminum Black, GS63VR Stealth PRO-078)
  • Display: 15.6 inch FHD, Anti-Glare Wide View Angle 120Hz 3ms 94% NTSC 1920x1080. Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: Core i7-7700HQ (2.8 - 3.8 GHz)
₹ 571,656

A Good Post Processing Software

Most of the photographer use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for post-processing their RAW files. We also use it.

free download from


You can learn Photoshop and Lightroom from Youtube

Video credit: Youtube


The above are the must have DSLR camera accessories and now check out some cool camera accessories for DSLR



Buy camera accessories online

Final Words: We are trying to cover the best DSLR accessories For Beginners and professionals, if you have any suggestion please comment.



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