Diwali Photography Tips for Everyone

Diwali Means happiness, the best time to family get together. Get together means lots of happiness. We love Diwali as a festival of light, foods, sweets prayers and prosperity. Also, we like to capture this happiness with whatever we have a camera device. Wheather it is a DSLR or a Point and Shoot or a Smartphone. For the photo enthusiast people, here we are presenting some of the best  Diwali Photography Tips for you.

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Diwali Photography Tips

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

You already know that shooting firework is not so easy thing but it’s not the impossible one. Thou the below mentioned Diwali Photography Tips will definitely help you to shoot some good image, it will not transform you as a photographer overnight.


You need to learn a lot to become a photographer, but it is not the toughest job. You might be interested in our blog Photography Tips for Beginners too.

Quick  Diwali Photography Tips for Everyone

  1. Use slow shutter speed
  2. Aperture setting F8 or more for sharper image
  3. Use telephoto zoom lens so that you can take the shot from distance.
  4. A wide aperture like f1.8 or f.4 is good for clicking stunning portraits.
  5. Use a tripod for shake proof image at low shutter speed.

Diwali Photography Tips for Shooting this Diwali Just with a smartphone.

Nowadays shooting photographs of firework is become far easier with the help of smartphone-like

iPhone, Zenfone 3s Max, Huawei P9, HTC Desire 826, Google Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy Edge etc. You can Shoot Photos with manual mood too…

Things to remember when shooting firework with a Smartphone camera.

  • Think of the image you are going to capture. You need to compose your shot in advance, make it sure where the firework going to happen.
  • If your camera allows manual settings, use lower shutter speed like 1/20-1/60 seconds and lower the iso setting s like 100.
  • Use a camera stand to shoot this type of image, you can use shelfie stick to click this type of image creatively.
  • Clicking the photo with shutter button may make the image shakey, try to use self-timer.
  • Try to capture images of firework that can be done on the ground, it is easier than capturing a firework in the sky.
  • While shooting with a smartphone, keep your hand and phone very still, If needed supports for your hand make it available.
  • If there is no manual mode on your smartphone camera, use night mood.
  • Switched off the flash of your smartphone camera.

Some of the best cameras available in the current market for shooting Diwali images. You can consider these best cameras phones as a best Diwali gifts for your photo enthusiast friend or family.

Preview Product Rating Price
Apple iPhone 8 Plus (Space Grey, 64GB) Apple iPhone 8 Plus (Space Grey, 64GB) 303 Reviews ₹ 77,560 from ₹ 69,899
Asus Zenfone 3s Max (Gold, 32 GB) (3 GB RAM) Asus Zenfone 3s Max (Gold, 32 GB) (3 GB RAM) 106 Reviews from ₹ 16,990
Huawei P9 EVA-L09 (Prestige Gold) Huawei P9 EVA-L09 (Prestige Gold) 3 Reviews ₹ 40,999 ₹ 20,999
HTC Desire 826 (Dual SIM, Blue Lagoon) HTC Desire 826 (Dual SIM, Blue Lagoon) 495 Reviews ₹ 28,490 from ₹ 11,499
Google Pixel XL (Quite Black, 128 GB) Google Pixel XL (Quite Black, 128 GB) 205 Reviews ₹ 76,000 from ₹ 39,900
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F Smart Phone 32 GB, Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F Smart Phone 32 GB, Blue Coral 71 Reviews ₹ 54,000 from ₹ 31,895
Diwali Photography Tips

image Credit: Flicker

Diwali Photography Tips for Shoot this Diwali with a Point-And-Shoot Camera.

It is better to shoot images with a point and shoot camera than a smartphone. Most of the people use point and shoot cameras as their photography companion. So let’s check out some best Diwali Photography Tips with a point and shoot camera.

  • Compose the best shot on your mind.
  • Shooting with a tripod makes your Diwali Image shake proof. Most of the point and shoot camera owners don’t own a tripod. In this situation, You may put the Point and shoot camera on a hard surface.
  • You need to keep the camera very still at the time of shooting the image.
  • If manual mode available, then use it.
  • Set the shutter speed 1/20-1/60 seconds.
  • Use aperture settings to F8.
  • Switch off the flash of your point and shoot camera.

Here are some of the best Point and shoot cameras for capturing beautiful Diwali images.

Diwali Photography Tips for Shoot this Diwali with a DSLR camera like a pro.

For capturing most beautiful Diwali moments,  DSLR is the perfect camera. You can capture any kind of image with a DSLR. Extreme low light to high daylight, Indoor to outdoor, firework to the kitchen without having a trouble.

Here are some of the best Diwali Photography Tips with a DSLR.

  • Compose your image in advance. Check out the place in the sky where the fireworks going to happen.
  • Use a tripod, otherwise, your image will be shakey one. If you do not have access to a tripod make some Indian style JUGARD. That means you need to arrange some things that can you support your arms so that you get a steady shot.
  • You can use any hard surface to place your DSLR too.
  • Set the ISO as low as possible, For most of the beginner DSLR, it is good between 100-200. High ISO means lots of noise in the dark area. Lots of pro DSLR can go far better than beginner DSLR. Set it according to your camera.
  • Set the aperture low (Hih in number). F8 or more is good firework photography camera settings. It will make your image sharper and give you the ability to use lower shutter speed.
  • If you like to take photos of two-three or more crackers exploding in the same image you need to long exposer settings. Means you need to set the shutter speed in seconds, not in the milliseconds. 20-30 seconds is a  good time to set for a multi cracker shoot in the sky. In such shots, it is impotent to have a tripod.
  • Shoot lots of images. That will make you experienced and proficient. You may need to change the shutter speed and aperture settings to get the perfect image. Before getting the perfect image you might need to shoot for hours to understand the aperture and shutter speed. After having some experience, all the images will be perfect. These are some of the Tips for perfect Diwali firework photography.

Some of the best DSLRs and Diwali Photography Tips that might be your best photography companion this Diwali.

Diwali Photography Tips for Portraits Photography.

  • Use Wide aperture. With F1.4 or 1.8cyou will get an amazing bluer background. If there is any led lighting or Diya then you will get extremely beautiful bokeh too.
Diwali Photography Tips

image credit: Flicker

Diwali Photography Tips for Taking Candid Shots on the Street this Diwali.

  • You need a telephoto lens to shoot candid shots on Diwali. 70-200 F2.8 will be a great one. You can shoot from distance with a wide aperture and high shutter speed for better and sharper image.

Diwali Photography Tips for Post Processing the Pictures clicked on this Diwali.

Quick Post processing Diwali Photography Tips for Everyone

  1. Use camera raw filter in photoshop cc and radial filter in Lightroom to brighten up the underexposed areas of an image.
  2. Paint a little bit of specific colour of Diwali lights with help of Lightroom’s adjustment brush. You can do it using camera raw filter in photoshop.
  3. Keep image stabilization feature of your lens for shake proof image.
  4. You can adjust the exposure of your image with Lightroom of photoshop. 
  5. Always shoot in RAW, It will help you to post process your image with lots of options.
  6. Raw gives you the flexibility to increase sharpness and detail, Decrease noise.
  7. You can play around white balance and temperature in Lightroom with a Raw image and get the desired image.

Check these best lenses to shoot this Diwali with the Diwali Photography Tips.


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Camera Types

Final words: It feels good to capture photos. It is not the matter you are a beginner or a photo enthusiast or a pro-Photographer, Enjoy the Diwali with photos. Hope these Diwali Photography Tips help you to enjoy this festival. feel free to share any suggestion tips if you have.

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