Do you need photography insurance as a photographer?

Hey everyone, today we are going to discuss a matter that some of our photographers and photography business owners overlook. Yes, it is photography business insurance.Do you need photography insurance as a photographer?


It is a must-have ! at least we think so.


What is photography business insurance?

photography business insurance

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As we all know about insurance, Photography business insurance also exist and it helps to secure your photography equipment and life of a photographer.

Photography business needs a lot of equipment, DSLRs, Lenses, Studio etc. These things are expensive. You need to invest a serious amount of money to build your photography business. Therefore it’s important to get your equipment insured.

What type of photography business insurance good for you?

Insurance of photography equipment

First of all, you need equipment like camera, lenses, Triggers, light meter etc expensive equipment for your photography business. So you need to protect your equipment from theft or damage. Insurence of your equipment helps you grow your photography business.

Insurance agencies sometimes provide combine insurance for life insurance, property insurance, liability insurance, business income coverage etc. It is good to get an all in one insurance policy for your photography business.

Liability insurance

In the photography business, a photographer needs to work in some sensitive situations. Sometimes Insurance can save you from the legal action arising due to illness, injuries, other claims and accidents.

Disability Insurance

Sometimes you could not continue your photography business due to illness, bad weather conditions. In such situations, disability insurance helps you to compensate your loss.

Property insurance

If you own a studio, you need to purchase a property insurance. property insurance will cover losses of your studio due to a storm, flood, or fire.

How much does photography business insurance cost?

Well, it depends on the business how big it is.

Most of the situations a photography business needs a lot of equipment like DSLRs, Back up DSLRs, Umbrella sets, Prota Sets, Flash, Lenses etc. SO it’s a lot of investment. to protect your investment and grow your business smoothly you need an insurance. You can visit any insurance comparison websites to get the estimated value of your business. Based on the value of your business, the insurance company will decide your photography business insurance cost.

General liability cost for a photography studio in most of the situations vary from $350 to $450

what is photographer certificate of insurance?

When buying a photography business insurance, the insurance agent will provide a certificate of insurance done. This certic=ficate is called the photographer certificate of insurance. Keep this certificate in a safe place. If you need to claim insurance, you need to produce this certificate.

freelance photography insurance

As a freelance photographer or videographer, you never know when the next job deal will be done! You need to deal with uncertainty in this business. What about the lawsuit? If you have thousands of bill payable, you will be forced to file bankruptcy.  So freelance photography insurance will save you at this point in time.

The insurance cost will depend on how big your business is.

one day photography insurance

One day photography insurance is not ideal for professional photographers. It suits best for a hobbyist photographer who is going to shoot an event or a wedding where insurance of your equipment is must have. It is recommended to buy a yearly policy if you think of multiple photoshoots at such locations again.

how much does it cost to insure a camera?

Well, it also depends on the price of your camera. If you purchase depreciation less policy then the insurance cost of your camera around 1 cent per dollar per year. But the figure may vary. You need to compare insurance sites for the accurate result.

Wedding Photography insurance

Wedding photography insurance is essential for a wedding photographer. There are a thousand reasons that can ruin your work. Lost data on your memory card, Damage of your memory card, Extremely bad weather, accidental damage, illness etc.


It’s important to have your wedding photography insurance. Wedding photography insurance can get you out from such kinds of situations.

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Do you need photography insurance as a photographer? we got the answer form above mentioned reasons. If you have any information related to photography insurance feel free to share in a comment.

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