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Believe it or not, editing your photos in Lightroom does not need to be a time consuming or overwhelming method.

Editing With Lightroom

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It might not seem to be it if you are simply beginning out as a beginner artist, though.

All you need to learn some basic Lightroom editing tricks to assist you to discover your approach.

Editing With Lightroom Begins once you start Shooting:


There are few things that you need to take some attention while taking your shoot for editing in Lightroom. These will help while post-processing of the image.

The things that you need to take some attention are

  • Always shoot in Raw. While shooting in RAW you camera sensor captures as much detail as the camera can capture. RAW file helps in post-processing.
  • You can shoot Flat Profile. This will help you editing with Lightroom. It will help you controlling color, saturation, contrast etc.
  • Try to shoot with best lighting conditions. For example Sunrise and sunset. It will save your time to adjust lighting in Lightroom Editing.

You must need to take attention to the composition of images. Composition mistakes consume lots of time in post-processing. Editing With Lightroom is fun if you have a good image for peocessing.

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Editing Photos in Lightroom, The Basics…

Editing photos in Lightroom begin with cropping and lens correction.

To crop an image in Lightroom you need to go to the crop tool and  Straighten panel which is located in the top right side of Adobe Lightroom Software.

To correct lens settings you need to click enable profile correction panel. You can select lens manually eighter automatically.

Use the tools within the Camera activity Panel to regulate the shadows and red, green, and blue tones within the shot.

Lastly, visit the basic control Panel to regulate things like highlights, tint, temperature, exposure, and then forth. It’s during this panel that you’re going to do loads of fine-tuning to induce the image to an area wherever it begins to mirror your preferences and magnificence.

Manipulating the Colors-Editing With Lightroom

Next workflow is manipulating the colours of the image exploitation the Hue, Saturation, and Brightness sliders.

Because their area unit such a lot of changes you’ll be able to create, especially with relevancy saturation levels of individual colors, you’ll be able to extremely alter however the image appearance and feel to a good degree.

Using the Split Toning controls provides you an extra methodology by that you’ll be able to good the colours in your image.

Again, experimentation with these color controls is important. Get wild and crazy merely to examine what every slider will to your image, then once you are snug in understanding. However, every manipulation changes your image, you’ll be able to begin to dial things back.

You can do a lot more things in Editing With Lightroom. Learn what you love and do it.


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