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How to Photograph People – Improve Your Portrait Photos!

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How to Photograph People – Best Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Photos!

Let’s face it, sometimes it can be tough to photograph people! Here are our top 10 tips for improving your portrait photography! Learn how to photograph people easily.

how to photograph people
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Learning the in’s and out’s of how to photograph persons can take you very far in your photography hobby or even photography career. Photographing people can be a very intimidating and daunting task! After all, there is implicitly a lot of pressure on the photographer when taking people photos as your subject is often waiting to see the results and final images! Being a great people photographer often starts with being a good person. If so, then you are well on your way! In this post, I am going to give you the guidance, tips, tricks, and confidence that are guaranteed to improve your people photos!

1. Aperture Priority Mode

Having your camera set to “aperture priority” mode will easily let you control depth of field. Depth of field is how much or how little you want to be in focus within your photo. When photographing persons, depth of field is among the first thing I am visualizing before pushing the shutter. This is when We decide how much and what I want in or out of focus. To learn more about the 4 major camera modes, read this post we have written.

AP mode allows you to easily select your aperture, while your camera will decide you shutter release speed. This is great for when you quickly want to change your depth of filed without worrying about changing your shutter. Many professional photographers use Aperture Priority mode, especially in quickly changing conditions, like at weddings or with fast-moving family sessions. To keep the focus on the subject below, a wide béance, f/1. 8, was selected to blur background.

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2. Single Person Photos vs Group Images

When photographing a single person, experiment with shooting “wide open” on your lens at the widest aperture (lowest f/stop number, just like f/2. 0 for example) to achieve a nice background obnubilate. This will cause the subject to really “pop” off the image.

However, for group shots, like the one below, do not shoot at such wide apertures as this can cause certain people to be out-of-focus. In this case, because they are staggered, and not on the same “focal plane, ” you’ll need to increase your aperture to f/4. 0-f/8. 0. This will allow getting the entire group in sharp, crisp focus (which is what you want)!

how to photograph people digital photography tutorials

3. How to photograph people using a Longer Lens

Using telephoto lenses for a single person and small group photos can help in two major ways. First, longer lenses typically have a more thinning look for the subjects. Secondly, one key determinant of the interesting depth of discipline is lens focal length. The longer the lens, the easier and more the background blur you will have. As discussed above, this will isolate your subject inside your picture from the background. This really is a pleasing look for portraits. Some ideal lenses would be a 70-200 f/2. eight or 85 f/1. four or f/1. 8, if you only have a telephoto zoom lens that came with your camera than using that lens in the longer end of its zoom range. Using a long zoom like the Nikon 70-200 f2. almost eight was critical for this picture below.

how to photograph people digital photography tutorials

How to Photograph People tutorials

4.  Use a Wide Angle to Incorporate Environment

how to photograph people

Feel free to mix it up and use a wide-angle contact lens when you want to incorporate natural or perhaps architectural elements into your image. Not only is this good to have versatility in the imagery, but it also can really add to the overall look of the photography by having stunning landscapes incorporated into the composition. Lenses that can incorporate landscapes would be a 24mm, 35mm or even a 50mm. For a complete guide to family portrait lenses, check out this awesome tutorial! In the picture beneath, a wide angle lens was used to incorporate the beautiful greenery!

how to photograph people digital photography tutorials

5. Talk

Talking to your subject matter is huge! So start chatting! It keeps it personal, fun and a lot more relaxed. It is a natural feeling for people to close up when a camera is usually pointed in them. It’s crucial to break through that barrier and communicate with them during your session. As you are taking the photographs, be reassuring and verbally let them know how good the photos are looking. This self-confidence boost will give them energy and let them to just relax and be more comfortable in front of the lens. If you are known to be a comedian, make sure to crack a joke here and there and get them laughing to elicit candid expressions from them.

If you’re an introvert, just go into your session confident and be willing to play the part of the chatty photographer! Remember, this is a job and it’s ok to put yourself out there a little. This doesn’t mean you have to be someone different, it just means turning it up a notch. Be happy, talk and the program will flow smoothly!

6. Show the Goods

A great tip that I learned when I first started was when you get a really great photo, show it to them on the back of the camera! This will likely not only give them a little treat by seeing an advanced look of the images but will get them excited and confident that you are getting some great images. You don’t have to show them ALL your photos, just the ones you really feel you nail in camera (like types with great exposure and amazing composition)!

7. Don’t be Afraid to Give Direction

As being a wedding and portrait professional photographer, it is important to realize that the majority of the people you will be photographing are NOT professional models. The fact is, they don’t know which poses appear natural and which do not. Please show your subject a pose that you have in your mind by doing the pose yourself. That way can visually observe what you have in mind and will feel less awkward doing it themselves. A fun shot (below) of us laughing for myself when giving direction and helping show the pose I had in mind.

how to image people digital photography tutorials

how to photograph people digital photography tutorials

8 “Work the Pose”

Once you get your subject or subjects into a flattering and good looking present, work the cause by shooting it from different angles and perspectives. You can even ask the subjects to look at different ways. The result will be a variety of slightly different looks and viewpoints that you can then pick your extremely favorites coming from. You can back up, get in close to capture their emotion, fill the frame, shoot from above and the sides, get on the ground, all while your subject(s) stay in one position and create! You can literally get 12 different “looks” without having to move anything but the feet!

By having subjects sitting it allows for multiple perspectives to photograph from.
the right way to photograph persons photography courses

A completely diverse looking taken despite using the same lens and couple in the same pose by adjusting position & composition. How to Photograph People tutorials

9. Be Mindful of Extreme Angles

Angles, once used effectively can work to your benefit. Nevertheless, be careful of angles that aren’t flattering for your subject matter. For example, an ultra-low angle looking up towards your subject may appear interesting and creative but low sides often are not flattering to your subject. You never desire to shoot up your client’s nose!

A birds-eye view offers a different vantage point.


12. Candids, Candids, Candids!

how to photograph people

Everyone loves candid photos, as they are some of the most natural images you can get. There are two ways to get candids. One way is by promoting your subjects and talking to all of them, which can frequently create a c and id moment often. |is parked, |the particular|varied|the actual|various} The other way is to simply just stand back and be an observer. Inside the observer role, try to use a telephoto zoom lens and no flash if possible so you can secretly stand back and snap photos. You can do this without drawing attention to your self by being obtrusive.

Simply giving your subjects some space and letting them have the chance to interact with one another, you can grab those “in-between” moments that are often fun and laid back. Just be sure to be ready and anticipate the moment or you may miss it!


Great candids are everywhere, take your camera to your next party and get ready to catch that moment!
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11. Have Fun! while Photograph People

Ok…I know I said 10 suggestions but I guess you almost all get a bonus tip today. This may sound like a no brainer but, have fun! When you are having fun in your picture take, the subject will feel your positive energy and also relax! Don’t just treat it like a function but give your subject or perhaps clients experience and a good time (with a new friend). Your photos will thank you later! The clients will certainly remember their particular experience over everything, which usually translates into how much they love their photographs!

I really hope that these quick ideas help you out and the majority of most help show you quality ways of how to Photograph People.

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