How to promote photography business?

Proven ways to promote photography business!

Hello Photographers! I know it is a challenging question “How to promote photography business?”

Isn’t it?


promote photography business

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So many of you completed this step but some others are not. therefore today I think that we team will help you out of this situation.

It is the toughest issue of getting exposure of a new photographer. Every photographer suffers from this issue. When we started photography it was a huge issue for us also. So how to promote our photography business and get clients fast?

Are you ready learn how to promote photography business properly?

After applying all the things mentioned below we are able to get our photography business grow faster. So if you apply the methods for your photography business you will also be successful to get clients fast.

We’ll mention the process from the beginning, so if you already completed the steps please skip it.


You completed the theory part of a photography business! Bought required instruments for your photography business and ready to go. But you are confused about where to start? right?

So let’s begin.

A name for your photography business.

Promote photography business

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A name for your photography business is very very important. Clients or people will remember your photography business with the name you choose.

How to choose your photography business name?

Choosing a photography name, you need to take some time. So many things you need to consider for creating your photography name.

You need to think about your kind of photography. If your photography is related to the wedding you may choose XXX WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY / WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY+ YOUR CITY / MOMENT + YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY CATEGORY./ YOUR NAME+YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY CATEGORY. etc. or You may take an example of photographers listed in

Photography Business name generator…

You may also use photography name generator for choosing the name of your photography business. But you need to care about that. It can sometimes generate unrealistic names. is one of the photography business name generator… that you can use. Sometimes it generates some awesome photography business names that are easy to remember. Easy to remember photography name is good for promotion. The name also brings clients for your photography.

Remember your name must be easy to memorize.

Check if your photography name can get a domain name for your website. It is good if you have the same domain name and photography business name.

First Step:

Getting started with your brand new photography business.

Promote photography business

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This is the very impotent step for your business. Alwase advertises your brand name. First of all, you need to find out some photography seeking people for the free photoshoot with them. A free photo shoot is a best and risk-free way to promote photography business.

I personally promote my photography business like this at a time. And we got great success.

This will create a value of your brand name. Now you need to think about quality. Quality photos and videos are all about you need to know about a photography business. If you provide the quality you will get clients. Getting more clients means successful photography business.

How to find Photo seeking people?

Your family members, neighbours, friends, friends of friends are the targeted people. As per the need for your photography business category target them. Offer free photography.

Means, if your photography is about wedding photography you need to target people who have upcoming wedding event but they don’t want to spend on wedding photography but they have no objection if you do it for free.

After getting their images they will spread your photography brand like anything.

If your photography is about the newborn baby then do the same process above.

Such as others you can flip the ideas. After 5-10 events your photography brand-name will be well known to 1000 of people. If these people ever need a photography job they will contact you.

What about other kinds of photography?

If you are a wildlife or landscape photographer the above idea will not work. So you need to post photos to the online magazines, photo sharing websites, contest etc. You can post it for cash at stock photography websites.

You can post it to

These are the beginning steps. What next?

A Facebook Page for promoting your photography business…

Like Moment Digital Photography

Nowadays everyone love facebook, every people have a facebook account. It is a huge platform to promote your photography business.

The strategy is to create a facebook page in the name of your photography business. Invite friends to like your photography business page.

Post regularly means if you choose to posit time interval for two days, Post a related high-quality photo every two days. The pst should be eye-catching and quality.

Where to get photos for facebook post?

We already mentioned about the free photoshoot. Select photos from your photo shoot and process it with photoshop or Lightroom.

learn about photoshop  and Lightroom

Creating a Facebook page will make lots of photography lovers that will be your potential customer.

How to grow my photography business facebook page?

It is also easy, share your page with different groups. But be careful don’t spam. You can also use facebook adds. Proper Facebook ads bring lots of visitors to your page. Before creating an add you need to create sufficient photo albums so that your customer can see and decide to choose your photography.

If you don’t know how to promote your page you may try Fiverr. Spend $5 and your job is done. You don’t need to worry about. We also use  Fiverr.

Promote photography business with An Instagram Business page.

As soon as you create facebook page you need to create an Instagram page also. Instagram also a great way to promote your photography business. Some people love to use Instagram more than Facebook. Create an Instagram page do the same on the facebook page. it will boost your brand and clients.

Pinterest and Linked In

Pinterest and LinkedIn are also two best platforms to promote your photography business. Post regularly and you will be rewarded at the end.

How to promote photography business with Tweeter?

The tweeter is also well known for social media over the globe. You need to create a Tweeter account and tweet your photos regularly. Frequent update and good quality image can boost your photography brand and business.

You may also use sponsored tweet from  Fiverr. $5 means Rs 318 in India.

Set up a Google business page.

Google business page is free and it works more then you think. So set up your Google Photography business page right now.

These are the social media things

What is next?

Outdoor shoot for Profile Picture.

Most of the people will ignore it, but we like it. because it helps you to grow your photography business. Nowadays some youth love to update their profile pictures a lot. These guys can be your photography model for the beginning. Very low cost or free profile picture shoot is also a good way to promote photography business.

Set up a studio in your home or city center.

We are out of beginner thing…. just started as a professional photographer. So what? Need more clients so that we can buy some gear like a pro…

Yes! It’s the time to grow your business…

First of all, study your market. Means where you live, how much such kind of photographer available? How much they charge for an Event.

If possible we recommend you to shoot with pro photographers in some events as the second photographer. That will boost your Knowledge. Which help you later on.

Setting up a home studio for promoting your photography business…

It is the best way to start a photography studio at home first. setting up a studio at home will save you a lot. Every business needs a permanent address. So The studio will be your permanent address of your newly set up photography business.

You need some equipment to start your own photography studio at home.

  1. A room in your house.
  2. A signboard in the name of your business
  3. Photography Backdrop.
  4. 3point lighting system with a trigger.
  5. Reflectors
  6. Model

A Room in your house can make lots of money for you. Just need the right setup and promotion. The opening day you need to place the signboard such a place where people can view.

Invite some photo enthusiastic people to your studio opening party. Free photoshoot with them and give them images free.

A photography backdrop with different colours and styles you need to set up.

3 point lighting is essential for best looking photos. So don’t compromise with lighting. In proper lighting conditions, you can click outstanding images.

Reflectors are also important so that the light from the flash can be reflected your subject.

Above we mentioned who to target as a model in beginning…

With the photography studio, you can promote photography business 2x faster.

You can set up the same studio at city center. It will increase your revenue. But this will cost you a lot. Though it will cost you a lot. You will get 4x return on investment.

Setting up a photography studio in the city center will boost your brand name and earnings. It will work as a display advertising too.

A website and a blog about what kind of photography you do.

After setting up your photography studio, you need a website. The website is the most important for professionals to promote their photography business.

In this website, you need a blog about your recent works. a photo gallery of your works is also important on the website. You should collect e-mails from your clients via the website and contact about offers and prices.

Your photography booking should be done through the website electronically.

We know these are tough things but you need this to be successful. You can promote your photography business globally and locally through the website.


You can outsource your website building to the third party like we do on Fiverr.

Click photos in regular interval and keep posting on your blog. As much as you blog the more visitor will get in touch with your website.

Share your website everywhere possible. Share every post on your Facebook business page/ Instagram/ Tweeter.

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Advertising your website and making a list of the probable customer is essential. You can promote your photography business website with yahoo and bing ads, Google Adwords and  Facebook ads.

all the three are the genuine platforms to promote your photography business globally or locally.

Automate social media post

It is necessary to share each and every blog post on social media. You can do it using IFTT .com.

Sign up and automate your blog posts. Automating your blog post is a way to promote photography business online on social media.

Building trust and get recommendations

Building trust is also a great way to promote your photography business. Suppose you clicked David’s family photo for free. When David’s friend see your pictures then they may chat about that beautiful pictures. If David’s friend needs such pictures then he asks David for the photographer. David will point his friend to you. You got a client. This is the process you need to keep in mind.

When David recommend you his friend most probably buy your photography package. Because you are trusted by David.

You should apply this method to your photography business also.

Make some friends in the same profession

Making some friends in the same field is good for your photography business. Sometimes there are several programmes on the same day. Your Photographer friend may give you a referral if he has enough booking for that particular day.

Make some friends in other professions

Making some friends in other profession is also a way of promoting your photography business. Suppose you are a wedding photographer and every wedding requires decoration. So you can make friends with professional wedding decorator. You refer him or promote his business and he will promote yours. That’s it.


Big Hoarding

Promote photography business

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Big Hoarding is also a way of promoting your photography business. You can fix a big Hoarding entrance of your city. This will increase branding value for your photography business.


Promote photography business with flyers.

Flyers also help in the promotion of your photography business. You can distribute flyers during some season. It will bring some customers.


Promote photography business with newspaper advertisements

Newspaper advertisement is one of the oldest methods of promoting photography business. It increases brand value and increases potential clients for your business.

Promote photography business with Promotional Giveaway

Promotional giveaway is one of the methods for promoting photography business. You may run a contest on your website for a free photoshoot in your category each year.

This will give you a lot more visibility of your business. You will get recommendations form that event.

 Promote photography business by getting published in a photoblog

You should try to publish your image on a popular photo blog. That will build your trust. And from that, you will get some clients for your photography business. This is how you can promote photography business.


Final Words:

Promote photography business

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People always love photography, each level of life we need photos, So it is an evergreen business. We personally tested the mentioned tips on “How to promote photography business?”.  Don’t worry just start it and it may take some time but you will be successful at the end. Good luck.



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