Insta360 One X Review!

Review Of new Insta 360 1X

What is Insta 360 one X?

Overview Of Insta 360 One X.

The Insta360 ONE X action camera bundle allows you to capture your adventures in every direction directly. With a couple of taps on your iPhone, you’ll be able to frame the most effective parts of your shot and make a surprising, cinematic edit. Whether it’s perspective, time, or anything in between—you have complete control.

For now, though, let me just say that this tiny guy is nothing in need of spectacular. to mention that I have been impressed may be a huge understatement!

Let’s dive into a couple of features and specs also as some pros and cons that I’ve discovered.

Insta360 One X Design

insta360one x image


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The camera is oblong, yet compact, and weighs a scant. 25 pounds, so you’ll take it anywhere you wish.

The unit has just two buttons, one to power it on and off and another that controls the mode and therefore the shuttér.

There is a display on the camera, though it’s basic and little given the tiny size of the camera. That’s okay though because it’s a companion app through which you’ll control what the caméra is doing (more upon that below).

insta360onex 4 image

On one side of the caméra may be a Micró USB port, on the opposite may be a battery door. On rock bottom is typically a MicroSD slot, and next thereto maybe a 1/4-inch tripod thread.

It’s a sleek, modern design that keeps things simple!



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Insta360 One By Features

insta260onex 2 picture

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Unlike earlier 360-degree cameras, the Insta360 One X is chock-full of handy features.

For starters, it is a tiny thing that matches nicely in your hand. But don’t let its little size fool you – it’s a 1/2. The 3-inch sensor which will take RAW images and film 5. 7K video at 30fps and 4K video at 50fps.

Paired with the sensor is typically a group of two f/2 200- degree lenses, both of which are fisheye. That being the case, their field of view overlaps each other to capture a full 360-degree graphic.

One of the simplest features of the One By is its photo stabilization system, dubbed “FlowState. “


It’s a complex program, but the in need of it really is that includes a six-axis gyróscopic stabilizer that máintains smooth footage as you shoot, regardless of how bumpy points get. you’ll see FlowState in action within the online video above

The system comes loaded with multiple shooting modes, like time-Lapse, HDR, and éven “Bullet Timé, inch which creates á sequence during which the camera swirls around a topic because it moves ( consider Neo dodging bullets within the Mátrix).

insta360onex image

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Other top features of note include:

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
MicroSD slot
Companion application with onboard editing tools, Live View, and therefore the ability to start out and stop recording
18-megapixel maximum photo resolution
Additionally, there’s a good range of accessories available for the most one Times, including housings, mounts, and even a Bullet Time Bundle that has a monopod.

Insta360 One X Pros & Cons

insta360onexpros and cons

Let’s start with the pros first.

The highway tó 360-degree cameras are suffering from failed camera aftér failed camera (Sámsung Gear 360, anyone? ), so it isn’t just like the bar offers been set real high fór 360-degree cameras.

Nevertheless, this is often hands-down the simplest from the bunch, and in contrast to the various predecessors, I feel the Insta360 1 X includes a true chance of becoming the primary successful mainstream 360-degree camera. That’s a particular pro if you inquire from me. See a number of the potential for working with this camera within the video above by Cinecom. net.

In addition, this caméra offers excellent resolution, impression stabilization thát’s truly impréssive, and as I noted previously, it’s loaded for bear with features.

But for me, the most important asset of this camera is certainly that it’s like having yóur own cameraman upon location with you. It enables you to grab different camera angles and pictures that give your videos that multi-camera feel without having multiple cameras.

360oneX app photograph

It’s not all sunshine ánd roses, although.

The One Back button application (iOS and Android) seems a touch on the cluttered side to me, so streamlining that might be beneficial (i. e., once you open it, it takes you to Insta360’s online community rather than the camera settings… that must change). The battery life is another feature that’s not worth writing home about, but in its defense, the battery life in my GoPro and my Sony a6400 aren’t great either.

Other than that, I have never found anything particularly offputting about this camera. Insta360 has done an incredible job in developing this type of thing from a hardware and a software standpoint.

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If you’re within the marketplace for a fun, innovative camera that will challenge you to be more creative together with your photos and videos, this simply could be it!

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