It’s time to grab your DSLR Camera !

Do you know why it is necessary to have a DSLR camera in your backpack in 2018?

If you are a photography hobbyist it is a must-have gadget for you. So it’s the time to buy a DSLR camera. Because you come to know about quality and need to click low light situations but the current point and shoot camera and the smartphone can’t provide that quality you need. So it’s time for a DSLR.

DSLR camera

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DSLR cameras are the best photographic machine for photography hobbyists like you. You can shoot almost every kind of photography. From street to sports, Portraits to landscapes. And you know what the best thing is? the breathtaking quality of a modern DSLR camera. It’s Superb, No any smartphone can compete with a DSLR camera, even an iPhone.

Nowadays it is not easy to compare and find a best DSLR camera for your kind of photography. It is a little bit confusing to choose a right DSLR from the market. So here is the good news! We team will help you to choose one of the best DSLR cameras in 2018|2019.

Reasons to buy a Digital SLR Camera

Superb Image Quality: The image quality of a DSLR camera is superior to any other mobile or point and shoot camera. No mobile or point and shoot camera can compete with a digital DSLR camera in quality.

Agility: Most of the point and shoot cameras are so laggy that you need to wait for half a minute or so. Digital SLRs are very responsive. You do not need to wait long before clicking your first shot. Therefore it can capture sudden moments in a blink.

Speed: You can click almost at the same time when pressing the shutter button. You do not need to wait for the camera to focus and shot. Most of the situations a DSLR is an ideal photo clicking machine.

DSLR Camera

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Immense Flexibility: Flexibility is one more reason to buy a DSLR camera. Digital SLRs are very flexible due to its changeable lens. You can’t change a lens in a point and shoot camera. You need to do all the works with what lens built in with point and shoot camera. But in case of a DSLR camera, you can choose a lens for almost every purpose. For example, you need to take some portrait shoots then you may change the lens to 50mm f1.8 or 70-200 f2.8. If you like to click some wildlife photography you might love to change the lens to 500mm f4 etc. No need to buy a long zoom point and shoot camera. Just buy the desired lens. You can click any kind of photography like sports, Astro, wildlife, portrait, landscape or wedding photography with the same DSLR camera with a different lens.

Larger sensor: DSLR camera sensors are larger than point and shoot camera. That means better image quality and larger image. In some cases, you can also crop the image without losing so much quality. Lager sensor means more light comes to the sensor. Therefore it can perform more accurately in low light situations. Better light means better image quality also. It is one of the best reasons to buy a Digital SLR camera.

Viewfinder: Every DSLR camera comes with a viewfinder but not all the point and shoot camera. The viewfinder helps the photographer to compose an image. It is far better to compose your image with a viewfinder accurately.

Interchangeable Lenses: We already mention that with a digital DSLR camera you can shoot every kind of photography due to its interchangeable lenses. You will find a lens for every kind of photography. It saves a lot. With one camera body, you may go for every kind of photography.

Manual control: Most of the point and shoot camera you will not find any manual settings, but some of them and some of the latest mobile camera have also manual control. But the controls are limited. In a Digital SLR camera, you will find a manual mode. This gives you the full control over your DSLR Camera.

Durability: Most of the DSLR cameras are made of tuff magnesium alloy. Which makes it more durable then point and shoot camera. Weather sealed body on most of the DSLR cameras makes it favourite. You can shoot in tough weather conditions like rain and storm or snow without worrying about your Digital SLR camera.

Style: Less but important. Nowadays style also matters. While travelling, a DLR camera in your neck makes you cool if you are a normal traveller. But if you are a photography beginner, a DSLR camera with a 70-200f2.8 or 24-70f2.8 lens makes you feel awesome.

What To Consider While buying A DSLR Camera for personal use?

We team make a comprehensive guide to buy a DSLR camera for personal use. Go ahead and check it HERE.

Now You Can Choose the Best DSLR camera with Confidence.

Yes! now you know all about the DSLR camera. After reading your guide you understand the needs of your DSLR for personal or professional use. So think of all the matters like sensor size, ISO, the Full frame of Crop sensor etc.

Digital SLR Camera

Most of the cases professionals love to use full frame DSLR camera due to its large sensor and higher ISO performance like ISO 25600. After you have read our tips on choosing the best DSLR camera according to your needs you will be able to decide what is best DSLR camera for your needs.

Please feel free to comment if you find your kind of DSLR camera.

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