Latest Wedding Photography Trends 2018

If you have been a lensman for any quantity of your time, you perceive that there area unit trends in photography that come back and go. You need to know the wedding photography trends to run your business smoothly.

Wedding Photography Trends


Thankfully, a number of them get away quickly (selective color, anyone?) whereas others stick around and become a part of the thought (like shooting in digital format).


As we tend to catapult into the latter third of 2018, I assumed it might be a decent time to review a number of the most well-liked wedding photography trends that this year has brought North American country.


Some of these trends may find yourself being a flash within the pan, however, you would possibly recall on 2018 because the year that you’re wedding photography modified for the higher due to one among these photography trends.


Drone Photography is the Hottest of Wedding Photography Trends in 2018 and beyond.


If you’d have asked Maine 10 years ago, if I ever fanciful a time during which photographers would use drones to photograph a marriage, I’d have told you that there is no doable manner for that to occur.

Wedding Photography Trends


I would are terribly wrong…


There’s no interpretation it – drone photography is here to remain, and it is not only for shooting photos and videos of landscapes and action sports any longer.


More and a lot of couples area unit hard-to-please drone photography services at their weddings, and a lot of and a lot of photographers area unit obliging.


Not solely will a drone add yet one more perspective from that to expertise the massive day, however, it additionally permits photographers to induce in near to the action while not obstructing anyone’s read.


Additionally, drones are latched with nice video cameras, therefore it permits wedding photographers to feature video services to their offerings in a very comparatively easy manner.


Teaser Photos area unit succeeding massive factor in 2018 for a wedding photographer.

Many couples simply cannot wait to check the gathering of photos that you just defy their day, therefore tons of photographers have begun to oblige requests for teaser photos.

Wedding Photography Trends

We all knowledge effortful culling and writing photos will be, and that is very true of weddings during which you have got thousands of photos to travel through.


However, we tend to sleep in a world during which instant gratification is that the norm, therefore giving your shoppers a little sampling of photos – say, 5-10 pictures – among twenty-four hours will result in even happier shoppers.


Not solely that, however, shoppers typically wish to share teaser photos with their friends and family, and maybe even post them on social media, therefore you get nice exposure, too. It is a win-win situation!


Right from mistreatment photographic reels to the modern follow of clicking digital photos, photography has come back an extended far more than the years. With new wedding photographic trends droning around, this billion-dollar trade isn’t an exception and has witnessed tremendous amendment. the foremost issue that has been driving this alteration is that the speedy technological advancements. Right from mistreatment the old-school film cameras to mistreatment DSLRs and phone cameras, photography, in general, has undergone a huge metamorphosis.

Wedding Photography Trends


Although it’s vital to be distinctive and inventive in wedding photography compositions, it’s equally vital to embrace the newest trends within the trade. Weddings square measure one in all the foremost vital occasions in AN individual’s life and hence have to be compelled to be well-covered and preserved forever to be cherished. Staying updated with the newest trends in wedding photography is vital to form poignant, everlasting recollections.


If you’re reaching to shoot a marriage shortly, then it’s smart to understand a number of the newest trends in this field. As a marriage lensman, you’re accountable to capture the whole event in an exceedingly skilled manner and build rattling recollections. to form things simple for you, we’ve got listed a number of the newest wedding photography trends for 2018 and on the far side


Authentic Candid Shots…

Wedding Photography Trends

Gone square measure the times once we would shoot footage employing a film with the pressure of obtaining it excellent within the terribly 1st shot, followed by most of the photographers printing the photos wherever everybody square measure movement. however currently with the pliability of the digital medium, there’s no limit to the quantity of shots that may be captured. Today, the additional and additional variety of individuals square measure currently shooting candid images that capture each expression and feeling being expressed by the bride and therefore the groom throughout their big day.

Black and White wedding Photography To Trend

Wedding Photography Trends

Black and white were being employed just for creative shots within the past, however, this trend has been slowly dynamical with time. Last year we tend to saw the comeback of black and white photography and this year we’ll see additional individuals mistreatment this method in wedding photography. Black and white pictures take away the main focus from the variation within the composition and prompt the viewer to focus on the instant captured.

Drone Footages to achieve quality

Wedding Photography Trends

Drone photography accustomed be a rich affair within the past however it’s not any further. Today, drones with cameras square measure on the market at affordable costs, that capture prime quality photos and videos. Drone cameras provide a whole new perspective of clicking pictures from a height. correct designing and execution of drone wedding photography will turn out a number of the most effective photography results.

Unconventional Location Shoots to Rise

Although we’ve got seen this trend last year, it’s expected to be modish this year. additional and additional individuals square measure traveling to exotic locations for his or her pre- and post-wedding shoots. a brand new and inventive location helps to make the composition and additionally capture fascinating shots. The atmosphere of the new location plays a key role in setting the mood and taking wonderful footage.

Increasing Use of Smoke Bombs

This is one trend that is catching up in no time with the modern wedding ikon shoots. mistreatment smoke bombs may be a good way to form wedding photos look additional fascinating and happening. largely such photos square measure used because of the exit photos of the whole event. However, once captured with applicable backlighting, the colours can shine through and build a number of the foremost wonderful shots.

Creating Wedding Hashtags…

Although this trend was wide used last year throughout weddings and events, it’s expected to achieve grounds within the coming back year. this is often one in all the newest trends accustomed capture the world’s attention towards the marriage. Besides, having the guests transfer the photos on social media platforms with the relevant hashtag also will facilitate simple retrieval of the photos and facilitate the couple expertise their wedding from the angle of their guests and acquaintances.

Social Media-integrated ikon wedding photo Booths

Photo booths at weddings are operational for an extended time currently. Earlier, individuals would need to watch for an extended time to retrieve wedding photos from these booths. however today, ikon booths feature social media integration, that permits guests to directly transfer the photos on their social media accounts, nearly instantly. This trend was rife within the past year, however, is predicted to achieve tremendous quality in 2018 and on the far side.

Underwater Shots are going to be well-liked

With the arrival of waterproof cameras and GoPro cameras within the market, underwater shoots square measure gaining quality worldwide. chiefly well-liked among athletes or sportspersons, underwater wedding ikon shoots are going to be modish in 2018 and on the far side.

Selfie Shots to be modish

Many school savvy couples square measure currently having selfie stations at their wedding venues for his or her friends and families. These stations primarily contain a pleasant background for individuals to click photos at the marriage. The lensman will capture these fun moments of guests taking selfies employing a phone camera or a selfie stick. These pictures square measure gaining tremendous quality and this trend can still prevail within the coming back year.

Wedding Photography Trends

Increase in Stop Motion Wedding ikon Films

The Stop Motion Wedding ikon Films is the shape of photography that takes still photos and animates them amidst a video of alternative combined with the pleasing sound effects. These short ikon films may be simply shared on social media accounts or embedded within the wedding invite mails sent to friends and family. This is a trailer of the forthcoming wedding and set the mood for it.

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Hope you enjoyed the latest wedding photography trends, if you have any ideas about wedding photography to share please feel free to comment.

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