Mobile photography tricks and tips for everyone

Best mobile photography tricks and tips for photography beginners…

Everyone likes to take a photo with a mobile phone in this century. Even you can take good photos with your mobile phone without breaking the bank. So We team decided to share some best mobile photography tricks and tips for every mobile photographer.

Clicking awesome photos with a good camera phone like REDMI NOTE 5 PRO is not a very tough job. You Just need to know some basics like exposer, focus, composition, and basic editing. you will discover all the basic mobile photography tricks and tips in this article.

mobile photography tricks and tips

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If you are a photography beginner or mobile photography starter you need to master the following mobile photography tricks and tips for better results.

So, are you ready? Let’s rock with your mobile camera without breaking the bank!

1. Take care of your mobile camera lens:

It is very very important to clean the lens of your mobile camera. In Most of the cases, we find fingerprints on our mobile camera lens. So we need to clean the fingerprints, dust and other disturbing things from the smartphone camera lens first. These unwanted items can make huge differences in the quality of your image. So do not forget to clean the mobile camera lens with a soft cloth or proper cleaning kit.

mobile photography tricks and tips

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A clean mobile camera lens gives a clean, sharp and clear image. It is impossible to click such image with dirty smartphone camera lens. Alwase be careful about cleaning the mobile camera lens.

2. Learn how to Focus:

The focus is the most important matter in photography. So you must master it. Most of the mobile camera has built-in autofocus. You just need to tap on the subject on the mobile screen to set focus. Check again if your focus is sharp. Some mobile phone can indicate focus lock with a beep.

Wile clicking a moving object you need to change the camera settings to sports mode. Tap the screen for focus just before clicking the image to ensure your subjects are in focus.

mobile photography tricks and tips

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Now you can manage background blur with smartphones like Redmi Note 5Pro or most of the dual rear camera smartphones.


You can blur the background using editing software like Snapseed or photoshop in the editing process.

mobile photography tricks and tips

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3.Master the Exposer:

Exposer means how your image looks like, Dark or bright. The mobile camera uses the focus point to determine the exposer. Sometimes it is not ideal to use camera’s auto exposer settings. Especially in dark frames. So Learn override exposer settings of your mobile camera. For example, If you want to click a silhouette image, auto exposer settings might overexpose your image. So, Learn how to set Exposer manually.

mobile photography tricks and tips

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4. Do Not Zoom In:

Most of the mobile camera does not offer optical zoom. So it is important not to use zoom in such mobile cameras. It will crop the image and you will find a loss of quality. But some mobile cameras offer 2x optical zoom. You can use just 2x Zoom in such mobile cameras.

Most of the cases it is better to click the image from a closer distance. It will increase the quality of your photo or you can crop the image while post-processing. It will give you more control over the image.

mobile photography tricks and tips

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5. Keep your mobile camera steady:

It is important to keep your mobile camera steady for the better shot. While clicking in low light situations, your mobile camera uses slow shutter speed. Slow shutter speed means more light and properly exposed image. So, in low light conditions, camera reduce the shutter speed to expose properly. In this span of time, you must keep your mobile steady. Otherwise, your image will be blurred.

mobile photography tricks and tips

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For the steady photo, you may use a tripod or other support for holding your camera for a shake-free image. You might also use a timer to click the shake-free image.

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6. Learn Basic Photography Rules:

After learning focus and exposer it is also important to know about composing the image. Basically, photographers use Rule of third for clicking an eye-catching image.

Do you wanna know about the rule of third?

The Rule of Third is not like a huge mathematical formula. It is simply placing the subject of the image in such a position of the frame which is 1/3rd of the frame.

Let’s check it out with an image.

rule of third

Try to put your subject in such a way between two horizontal and a verticle line.

As a photographer, you don’t need to follow all the rules every single time you click. Sometimes it’s good to click photos beyond the rule.


7. Use of Leading Line:

What is leading line in photography?

Leading line means some lines directing you to the subject of an image. It can be anything,

Leading lines can make your image awesome. So if there is a probable leading line you see, do use it.

leading line

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8. Shoot from a different angle:

Most of the new photographers try to click from standing in front of the subject and sitting in front of the subject. But still, there may be more possibility to click from a different angle like side, or from behind something etc. So you need to think creatively while composing your image. Click some more shots from different angles like lower, upper, behind, side etc.

At the end of the photoshoot, you will be amazed at your creative photography. Often Mobile cameras are smaller than DSLRs. So It has more flexibility to shoot from such a location where a DSLR can’t. Try it out.

In most of the situations, you can’t shoot underwater with a normal DSLR. But some mobile phones are water resistant. That can be used underwater. So try some underwater photography.

9. Do you know how to use your normal mobile camera for underwater photography?

Yes! you can use your normal mobile underwater. We are going to teach you a very simple mobile photography trick so that you can use your normal mobile underwater.

You need an Empty Glass jar only. Just dip the jar into water halfway down, insert the mobile into the glass jar. Click awesome underwater photos.


mobile photography tricks and tips

10. Check The background:

Always check the background. Almost every photo looks more beautiful due to a good background. So you need to think about the background before clicking the image.

First of all, you should not click photos with a distracting background. If your image has lots of subjects then you need to think carefully. If your background is still distracting your subject. it is better to click a Black and White photo. That will make you smile.


Shoot with a blurred background is a good idea of focusing your subject and a good photo composition.

mobile photography tricks and tips

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If the normal background is not working good with your photo you may take a low angle shot with a sky in the background might fulfil your dream to click an amazing photo.

mobile photography tricks and tips

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11. Click More:

Clicking the same subject in different time sometimes works well. So click the same image in multiple time if necessary. If you click moe there will be more chances of getting a perfect image. So click the same image multiple time.

Especially in weddings, group photos you must click multiple shots. Do you know why? The people in group shots might unconscious. So you need to keep the attention on the subject and act accordingly. Clicking multiple photos might save you at the end of the photoshoot.

mobile photography tricks and tips

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12. Try Panorama Mode:

Sometimes you need to click wide image but can’t do with normal mode. Then change the mobile camera mode to Panorama.

mobile photography tricks and tips

This will enable you to shoot very wide. You just need to move the camera as directed by panorama mode of your mobile camera.


13. USE HDR Imaging:

HDR imaging is a very time-consuming process. But thanks to modern mobile cameras, you just need to turn on HDR mode of your smartphone camera. The camera will automatically click a series of photos and processed it. You will get the HDR image.

mobile photography tricks and tips

14. Try Black and White :

Black and white photography is also a very interesting kind of mobile photography tricks and tips. If you try some black and white image you gonna love it. Find a subject make it a series. Once series is completed you will be amazed at your own work.

mobile photography tricks and tips

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15. Use your Creativity: The best mobile photography tricks and tips.

Nothing is better than your creative thinking. Think creatively and go beyond everyone else. Use your eyes and imagine the photos you are looking for. Your brain and the eyes are the best cameras in this world for you. Use them together and storm the front.

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These are the simple mobile photography tricks and tips for you. Think whatever possible and click it. If you have any suggestions please comment.

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