New Year Photography Ideas [2018]

It’s time to celebrate the new year with family and friends. Means lots of fun and lots of photos. Obviously need some good images for memory as long as need to share on Facebook, Instagram, tweeter, WhatsApp, Pinterest as long as other social networks. So here are some good new year photography ideas for you to celebrate the new year 2018. 

new year photography ideas

Everyone plan to celebrate new year eve their own way. Some people love to travel some amazing places, some love to click their photos.

If you are photography enthusiasts, Photographer of self-photography lover then this post is exclusively for you. 

So ? What are the new year photography ideas for me?

Make a list of photos you need to click.

Sample list

1              Portrait Photos of our family
2              Macro shots of ……………………..
3              Ladscape of ………………………….
4              New Year celebration Photos at…..

You can add more to the list as per your requirement.

New year means celebrations and often it’s good to shoot some photos of celebrations, Family, and Portrait too.

New year Celebration Photography:

This one is the common type of photography. In the new year eve, there are lots of firecrackers makes the sky bright. It is one of the most favorite chance, happy new year images 2018 to be clicked. Plan your destination. Fix the things you need.

Some of the Best New year firework places of the world are…

1.Sydney harbor, Australia

2.Eiffel Tower, Paris

3.Chicago River, Chicago

4.London Eye, London

5.Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro.

6.Anjuna, Goa


 New year Family outing / Picnic photography

In India, In the new year Eve, Families get together and go for a picnic. This is a perfect opportunity of clicking some good images as well as selfies and bothies. We Indians love to cook and serve, so there is another opportunity to click the cooking images. You can shoot the entire event. Generally, people choose a cool place for picnics, so there is some good opportunity of clicking landscape photos. Especially in golden hours and near river banks.

new year photography ideas

Image Credit:

Food photography:


new year photography ideas

Picture Credit: Pixabay

We can show off the food prepared for the new year eve. People prepare good foods for new year Eve. You will get some cool opportunities to click some food photography to share with social media like Facebook, Instagram etc.

Portrait Photography:

A portrait can be taken everywhere, This is the moment of happiness. A good portrait to share with friends in the new year Eve is a good idea. You can click portraits of family members, colleagues, friends … share them and make some happiness in their eyes.

new year photography ideas

Image Credit:

In a party, you can shoot the celebrating photos of your friend and send them happy new year images 2018 with new year wishes. It will be a surprising new year gift.

Family photography:

new year photography ideas

Image Credit:

You can offer a family photography to your as log as close one’s family for a family photography tour. This will make them happy. You will feel the happiness of giving. Choose best places to click photos near you. Just a driving distance. Pack your camera and gear.

This will help you two ways. One it will tighten your family bondings and other if you have a business related to photography then it will help you to grow your business.

Your own project:

new year photography ideas

Image Credit:

If you are a photographer, sometimes we have some projects to shoot but never have the time to do it. So its the time for finally decided to do your desired project and make it happen in this new year.

Nothing planned

If you don’t have any plan for your New Year Photography Ideas then, pack your camera and gear, book tickets or start your car to a destination where you always wanted to visit. You will find so many beautiful images. Just think about what you love and photograph it from different viewpoints and angles.

new year photography ideas

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Some macro shots also can be your image list.

new year wishes photos as new year photography ideas


Lots of people like new year wishes photos, You can click your desired photo for wishing friends and family. For example, you click the sunrise in a river bank or some interesting place in the morning of December and you can wish Happy new year 2018’s morning. Or you can click the same image early morning of 2018 and you can also use it to wish happy new year 2018.

Like this, you may also click the sunset of last December and youse them as new year wishes photos. It will help you be a good photographer. Wish new year on your own way. So happy new year images download is not necessary for you.

If your images are good you can upload it to stock photography sites like Shutterstock, Adobe stock etc. That will give you an earning opportunity too.


 New year’s photo shoot ideas

It is a good time to offer free photoshoot to your best clients. or you can make feel your family like models too.. You can use all the above-mentioned family Photography too.


new year photography ideas

Image Credit:

 New year’s photo shoot ideas For Instagram

A Shelfie or bothie at New year celebration Eve is a good idea for New year’s photo shoot idea for Instagram. Dancing on a party, food on the table, glasses decorated can be a good idea for an Instagram post.

Fun photography as new year photography Ideas

Wanna do something funny!

Thre are lots of ways to create your own funny images. You can use LED lights to create some funny images. Use it carefully, you can shoot an image of having an electric shock.

Think like funny you! you will get lots of funny ideas like above.

Miniature photography is one of the best fun photography ideas for 2018 new year.

New year photo cards idea for 2018

new year photography ideas

Image Credit:

Create an amazing photo card with your images is a good idea. Create a family photo card using Photoshop add some new year wishes on it and share with your friends and family. You can create a digital photo card too. People love photos, so mix up the favorite images from all over the year and make a digital photo album and use it like a new year photo card.

You can also read our guide Photography Tips for Beginners.


all of the above are New Year’s Photo Shoot Ideas 2018. Hope this will help you to celebrate new year Eve of 2018. Happy New year…. Wish you all the success. If there is anything in your mind, please feel free to comment.

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