One lens for wedding photography!

One lens for wedding photography! is it possible?

Do you ever think of clicking a wedding with a single lens on your DSLR body? Probably not! But it is not impossible to click a wedding event with a single lens.

let’s check it out how!

one lens for wedding photography

One lens for wedding photography the fact:

In a professional wedding photography event, you should not go with a single lens. Fist thing is the Risk behind the event. So If you are not in such a situation that makes you helpless, I strongly recommend don’t do this. No one can say what is going to happen with the situation at a wedding ceremony. So you always need to ready for clicking the moment. It might be a wide group shot or a candid portrait shot.

Now, suppose you are in a situation! something happened bad with your camera and gear, you have only access a lens and a body. What to do?

In most of the wedding photography event, you need to shoot traditional ritual sessions, makeup shots, wedding portraits, candid wedding shots, expressional portraits, close up shots and group shots. so these are the types of images you need to click on a wedding photography event. So combine up all the shots and think of one lens for wedding photography. Seems impossible?

If you are experienced enough you can take all the shots with a perfect combination of body and lens. If I need to shoot a wedding with one lens I would prefer 24-70 f2.8


one lens for wedding photography

How to Shoot a Wedding Event With Only One Lens?

Are you going to shoot a marriage ceremony only a lens and one camera on your backpack? Typically you’ll be able to be additional artistic once you’re restricted in instrumentality. During this guide, we are going to share the way to shoot a marriage event with just one lens.

As a Wedding Photography artist, you ought to apprehend that lens is best for weddings. Most photographers use a 35mm prime lens or an optical zoom lens.

Here are some tips which will assist you with One lens for wedding photography.

1. Focus on Portraits At a wedding Event.

Concentrate with portrait photos of the couple. In the wedding photography,  the most important subject is the wedding couple then the others. If you bring a 35mm f2.8 prime, try to take portraits of the couple as much as possible. This will give you the opportunity to present your photos with a gorgeous album.

one lens for wedding photography

2. Break up big Groups Into Smaller Ones

In a wedding, ceremony guest likes to be clicked a large group photo with the wedding couple. However, it is not very easy to click a large group photo with a 35mm prime or sometimes even with a zoom lens too. If such a situation happens you need to act cleverly. Sometimes guest requests you to take a large group shot which cant fit in your viewfinder.

In this situation, you need to break the group into smaller ones, keep in mind that you need to focus on the wedding couple, the bride made, groomsman, and guests.

3. Be Creative Within Your Limit.

Wondering you can do smoothly on  One lens for wedding photography! As a wedding photographer, you know your limitations. In a Wedding event in India, We need to take lots of group shots and ritual shots. Plan accordingly. In such situations, I prefer 24-70 f2.8. This lens is capable of shooting in low light conditions, small to medium group shots, Portraits, and the image quality is also professional.

One lens for wedding photography

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Stay positive and be confident about your work. this will help you to overcome all the issues while on One lens for wedding photography. Self-confident along with the experience make you smile at the end of the day. Cheers!

4. Keep Faith in You and Your Photography, Not The Gear!

Gadgets and camera Gears are the instruments of clicking an Image. But the eyes and your brain is the main tool for clicking a great image, not the gear. Having the self-confident and prior knowledge it is not impossible to click with  One lens for wedding photography.

5. Less Gear, Less hassle

If you carrying less you will be hassle-free. It will save your time and energy which is much important for whole day shooting. Sometimes it is annoying to change lenses in between a wedding ceremony. Sometimes it is confusing which lens will be better in that situation. one lens for wedding photography


It is good to go with all the gears you need to shoot a wedding photography event. But if you are in such a situation that you can choose only a lense then choose wisely. One lens for wedding photography is possible but you need a lot of experience. Happy clicking…

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