Photography Backdrops for food Photography

best food photography background

Best photography backdrops for food photography without expending too much

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As you saw beautiful professional food photos have a very attractive background. It is due to photography backdrops for food.

best food photography background

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Food photography backdrops are slowly, but surely becoming an addiction on behalf of me . a decent reasonable addiction, however, because like food photography props they’re such a lot of fun to collect! So I’m really excited to announce my very own collection of food photography backgrounds and surfaces provided by the good people over at BestEverBackdrops!

Before I show you all The food photography backdrops in my collection, I would like to give you an Idea about what makes a food photography backdrop great!

The backdrops you select are super important to the success of your food photography. they’re the inspiration of your composition. The background is what you may build your food story upon.


1. Texture

Look for food backdrops that have textures, spots, grain, and other elements that are interesting, but not distracting. Over-textured backgrounds can pull attention faraway from the food. I’m thrilled once I find a backdrop that features a little bit of texture which will become a component of my composition.

2. Color

Most food really comes alive and appears fresh when placed on background colors that are cool, neutral, and desaturated. However, the backdrop you select should match your story and a few stories are loud and pop!

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3. Rustic vs. Clean Photography Backdrops for food

Rustic backgrounds are very fashionable for food photography, although clean are often beautiful too. you ought to search for a balance between backgrounds that are too sterile and surfaces that you simply wouldn’t feel safe eating off of. I personally, find both ends of the spectrum to be uncomfortable for the viewer.

4. Wood

Wooden food photography backdrops are an honest choice as they supply pleasing colors, grain, texture, and will be either rustic or posh. It’s hard to travel wrong with wooden backdrops.

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5. Size

For food photography, you do not actually need huge backdrops. Anywhere around 2ft. X 3ft may be a good size for using with camera angles from above the food or when the camera is level with the food. Backgrounds that are larger than 4ft are often great for those big scenes, except for most traditional shots tons of the background get wasted.

6. Construction of the Photography Backdrops for food

Good food photography backgrounds are often made out of anything. However, if the backdrop is some things you propose on using over and over, i might stick with surfaces that are durable. one of the large features that I’m really excited about with my new backdrops is that they’re waterproof, stain-proof, and just about indestructible. Perfect for those messy food shoots!

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Food bloggers and photographers need a healthy collection of backgrounds and food photography props. along-side good lighting and styling, the surfaces we elect for our photos are important. Backdrops help set the scene for the stories we would like to inform about the food we photograph.

Here are our recommendations:

1.Store2508® Photography Backdrop Background for Food

Photography Backdrop Background for Food

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Pack includes – 2 Sheets Flat Lay Photography Backgrounds. Each sheet has 2 sides and different design on all sides .

Hence you get total 4 designs during a pack. Dimension of every sheet is 56*88 Cm. Material – 300 GSM paper with waterproof printing. The sheets are printed in high tech industrial printers and provides very realistic look. The sheets are often cleaned with damp cloth.

Both sides are different patterns. One background meets your two needs! Great pictures are often taken without the necessity to feature any filters or any special lighting. Just use natural daylight at your home.

Choosing different pattern to supply a topic , showcase awesome items you own, impressing your Instagram followers.

Create your amazing desk flat lay photography. Taking beautiful flat lay photos for your food, cosmetics, flowers, jewelry, clothing, etc.

2. Fauxcreate™ Professional Grade Photography Flat Lay Backdrop Background 


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Tabletop Flatlay Photography: Designed for bloggers, online sellers, professional photographers and hobbyist to require amazing photo.

Ideal for commercial advertisements, restaurants, bakery, instagram books and magazines.
Water-resistant, tear resistant, fade-resistant, dust-proof and wrinkle-free, matte-finish and non-reflective paper. Works great with natural light.

Double Sided Design: one background has two side with different colored or textured pattern. One Background meet you two needs. you’ll use your composition to shoot different photo style.

Environment-Friendly Paper: It covers with film which is dust-proof and splash-proof. High-resolution digital print with eye-catching details and lifelike.

Protective Packing: Our paper is packed during a round cylinder, which can keep your item in fitness, prevent it from unpredictable weather or transportation damage.

3. Flatlay Tabletop Printed Pastel Coloured Backdrop 

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This a top quality printed backdrop printed with industrial printing machines. Base material is canvas fabric which is waterproof & crease resistant. Printing is in matte finish so there’s no glare in your photos. These are often rolled & carried with you to any location for shoot.

Stain resistant
Crease Resistant
High Quality Print
Can be rolled & carried to shoot locations




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