Photography Tips for Beginners

When I started photography, I was struggling to become a photographer. As a photographer, I learned lots about photography and here I am going to share the best “Photography Tips for Beginners” which helped me to become a professional photographer.

Photography Tips for Beginners

1.Mindset: Set your mind to be a Photographer.

Think like a photographer and be a photographer. If you decide to be a photographer set and lock your mind. Being Photographer is not easy but nor too heard. After setting your mindset as a photographer you will discover an image everywhere.

2.Don’t Buy expensive equipment first, Use what you have.

You can get some good photos from a point and shoot camera or a Smartphone camera, which you can upload your photos to As soon as you start uploading images you will get to know what kind of photography you love to. this will lead you to the right gear for your kind of photography.

3.Buy a tripod.

An inexpensive tripod can make your shot shake roof. Especially with a photography beginner lots of shakes occur due to lack of experience in a handheld shot in low shutter speed. A tripod can extremely boost your performance and get you out of the situation. You can also shoot with Self timer to reduce shake.


Photography Tips for Beginners

4.Don’t leave your camera alone.

If possible always bring your camera and a tripod back of your car. Otherwise, you will miss lots of images. Photo opportunities most often come when you don’t have the proper gear. This Photography Tips for Beginners help you to increase your image library.

5.Start making a list of subjects that you love to shoot photos.

you can make a list of your kind of photography subject you need to shoot. You can make the list using your dairy or smartphone using any kind of Note application like Evernote. If you travel to a place without a camera and got a photo in your mind, you can write it down with all the details like time, lighting conditions etc, or you can set a reminder email to yourself using

6.Don’t overlook less interesting subjects.

Sometimes you may get a great shot in a mundane situation. Time and thinks sometimes make less interesting things more interesting. So look mundane things in a new eye… maybe you get your shot.

Photography Tips for Beginners

7.Enjoy the game of photography.

Make it your hobby so that you never get bored. Photography is an evergreen hobby and never gone lost. The endless possibility of photographing the same subject from a different angle makes it more interesting. look everything from a photographers angle, you will get a click everywhere.

8.Use free resources available online.

You may use free online resources like Flicker, etc. that will help you to become a photographer as soon as possible.

9.Experiment with your camera.

Click photos with different settings of your camera and learn. It will help you to understand the capability of your camera. that is not all, it will help you to recall the settings when you need to shoot in same conditions.

10.Learn basic Rules.

learn basic rules like the rule of third. Camera settings etc. you can get the information over the internet or you can leave a comment with your question at the comment section below.

11.Take Photos every day(one of the best Photography Tips for Beginners ).

If you like to be a pro photographer, click at least a photo every day. It is one of the best Photography Tips for Beginners I love.

Photography Tips for Beginners

12.Never dare to Experiment.

Experimenting your camera is not expensive, why dare to experiment. Do it will make you an expert.

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Final words: Above are some of the best Photography Tips for Beginners which I followed and you can also follow it. If you have any opinion please feel free to comment.

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