Start a photography business today

Starting a photography business is always challenging. Most of the tutorial teaches you from the planning of the photography business. We will teach you photography business from scratch, whatever the genre of photography you love.

Start a business with photography

I know you need to learn how to start a photography business and earn some bucks!

We are here to help you. After completing all the steps you will be a beginner professional photographer.

Sounds interesting?

Yes ! It is.

photography business

So, let’s start without wasting much time…

Mindset to start a photography business

First of all, you need a mindset to start. Mindset is the key to a successful photography business.

So how to set your mind for the photography business?

Setting your mind on business is not easy. I also confused about my career at this level. you need to decide first. Business or Job?

Think alone and ask yourself, are you ready for the photography business? Can you handle all the pressure?

If yes, then this post is for you.

So you decided to be your own boss! Let’s complete the mission of starting a photography business.

Research for the probability of starting a photography business ideas.

Research for probable photography business ideas that can be implemented in your area. You can also research what kinds of probable online photography business can be done.

Research of the business is the essential part. Most of the people fail in a photography business due to lack of business research. So how to research your photography business idea?

Take your bike, out for a ride the city for offline photography business idea. Think what kind of photos are people searching for?

For example, if there is not any photography studio in the town or a large area then it might be profitable to start a photography business studio in that area.


If there are lots of studios with poor service quality, you might enter in that particular area with good and quality service. Both of the situations are in favor of starting a photography business.

Think creatively! do your proper research. Ask people and friends what kind of photography they needed but no any service provider.

Now you come to know what type of photography business can be done.

That’s great! Now you know the required things to start a photography business.


So, What’s next?


Understanding the genre of a photography business.

photography business

Genere means the type of photography. Some of the most popular photography genres to start a photography business are…

  1. Food Photography Business

  2. Photojournalism Business

  3. Fine-art Photography Business

  4. Areal Photography Business

  5. Fashion Photography Business

  6. Portrait Photography Business

  7. Nature photography business

  8. Landscape Photography Business

  9. Close-Up Photography Business

  10. macro Photography Business

  11. Wedding Photography Business

  12. Child Photography Business

  13. Maternity Photography Business

  14. Glamour Photography Business

  15. Street photography business

  16. Stock Photography Business

The above are some of the most popular photography business ideas that you can implement. Though you should learn all kind of photography make sure to select a subject that you love. Mastering in the selected photography genre will make you reach.

photography genre

photo credit:

So first you need to learn basic photography. In basic photography, you will learn how to click photos and how to compose a frame. You may read books like

BetterPhoto Basics: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Taking Photos Like a Pro 

Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure

After learning the basics photography you need to think what kind of photography you love to? Form the above photography genre select one and be a master in that subject.

Tip: You can watch youtube videos to know how to start a photography business too.

Video credit: Youtube


, read e-books, assist another photographer as an intern to gather some practical knowledge.

Things to consider selecting a photography genre for business.

You need to consider the following things while selecting your photography genre for business…

  1. Your Interest in the photography genre.

  2. profitability of the photography genre.

  3. Are people like to buy this type photography?

  4. Competitor for the particular photography Gener at your location.

  5. How much your competitor charges for photographing the particular photography genre?

If you properly research the above things, you will come to know how much you gonna earn through this business. Ask yourself is it sufficient? If yes go for it or otherwise think of next photography genre you love.

The business plan for a photography business.

The business plan is essential for starting a photography business. Create your business plan your way. You know you better than others. So you can only decide how to complete the assignment. If you use others to plan, it will be a complicated one. So make it simple.

Think of that business you want to do, just write down the simple things. Things needed to do the business. Think about the investment you needed to start. Write it down. Study of competitors. Research of the market. Make a strategy for marketing.

I think all the above points are clear in your mind?

Ok, that’s great…

You completed one step to success.

This is the tutorial that teaches you, how to start a photography business step by step.

So what is the next step?

Getting into a photography business

photography business

image credit:

Getting into a photography business is the most challenging part of a photographer. Most of the people fail in this step. Therefore we make this article so that you don’t fail.

Have you chosen the proper photography genre for business?  Ask yourself again.

If you set your mind to be a wedding photographer, first you need a plan to start your business.

You need to think about the following topics

Starting a photography business checklist

  • A business plan with goals

  • Capital and startup cost

  • Name of your business

  • Set up business with local Govt.

  • Get license and permits

  • Select your business location

  • Buy equipment for your business.

How to start a Photography Business Legally?

It is easy to set up a business legally but the hardest part is to run that business smoothly. To start the business legally you need to set up business with local govt. Visit the nearest industry and commerce center with your business plan. Ask the officer about the rules and regulations.

Do as per Industry and commerce center officer.  Get a license for your business. you are done!

How to start a photography business with no money?

photography business

image credit:

Thre are so many options to start your photography business with no money. But all the processes are very annoying and complicated, not for all.

  • Start with a photographer friend. If you have a good photographer friend, you can start assisting him for some time. After some assist, you might ask him for his equipment for your own assignment for commission or free. It depends on the friendship level.
  • Your own assignment with rented equipment. Rented equipment can also help you to start your own business of photography. Lots of online companies also provide rented equipment to photographers. The advance you received from the client can be paid for equipment. That means zero investment.
  • Industry and commerce center helps with the business loan to the photographers. Try this.
  • Talk to the client, book the event. Deal with 3rd party photographers with lower than your booking. You are done! But this is not recommended. It might ruin you and your business forever.

How to start a photography business with no experience?

You can start a business with no experience, but it is recommended to get some experience. It is an expensive process. You need to hire some experienced photographers and stuff as per your business requirement. Create a business with help from local govt. Get license. Start marketing and get some assignment. Do the assignment with help from your hired employees.

How to start a photography studio?

You can think of a photography studio. It is relatively easy to start the genre of photography.  With a photography studio, you can start your photography service. People need photos for every purpose. You can sell photography service. Selling photography equipment, Camera, photo frames, photo paper and other photography related items also an option. Servicing DSLR may also a profitable business.

It’s not possible to be a specialist in everything. Get a specialist photographer for your business. It will increase your earnings.

These are few ideas to start your photography that you can apply in your business.

How I started photography business

A few years back I was also in the same position like you. I knew it that I can earn with photography. But at that time I was not aware of how to get into a photography business. I searched on the internet all the time. At that time I was not able to find the proper guideline.

After lots of searches find out some shitty articles about getting started with photography. The article was about making some bucks by selling stock photos. I thought let’s sell some photos. But it was not as easy as they described in that blog. For selling stock photos you need superb quality and knowledge of what people searching for.

Basically, it is a hard thing for newborn photographers. try to sell stocks is not bad, that will surely improve your quality and SEO knowledge.

Assist a pro photographer is the best option for newbies. But due to the lake of a good connection with such a pro photographer or due to some personal ego I had not done it. It cost me. It slowed my steps in the photography market.

I planned to go for offering some free events. As I started my brother also supported me all the way. He has a very creative mind in photography. We both started our own photography brand.

Facebook marketing for a photography business

Started facebook marketing for our brand. We concentrate on building the brand as well as goodwill.

The free events that we offered now working for us. From those events, we got queries and bookings.

We started with some inexpensive DSLRs and equipment. We used some basic inexpensive lenses.

Check out what’s on our photography checklist at the time of beginning.







Camera bag


memory cards



We started with a wedding photography business. You decide what’s yours!


The next big thing is a loan for business expansion.

photography business

image credit:

I visited District industry and commerce center, asked for available loan scheme. They offered a business loan for my photography studio business. A loan can give you the freedom of choosing your desired gears for your business.

Before applying for a loan you must have a regular income plan so that you can deposit the EMI without having much trouble. I personally recommend you to generate a regular income plan before applying loan for business expansion.

Generally, business loans for expansion are costlier than others. Ask the officer for a govt subsidy loan. You might have to appear in an interview, but you might get up to 35% subsidy. Cheers!

What to buy form that business expansion loan?

Buy the essential equipment and infrastructure for your business related to your photography. The new equipment will increase your quality and revenue too.

The list what we bought to increase our quality and revenue of our business.







Camera bag


memory cards

Adobe Photoshop

A must needed website for your business of photography.

A website is the showcase of your entire work. Create a good looking and responsive website. The website will help you to advertise your business. People will engage more if you provide the best quality. If you can deliver better quality images with creative angles your brand reputation will go up and the price is no bar. That will increase your business revenue. You can accept booking through the website.

photography business

image credit:


Well, that was our story. This may also be your story too. For changing this story to your’s you need to work on it. Get out of the theory and stories. Start practically. Every business needs some time to earn some good amount. So you need to be patient.

If you need some refreshment, go with a new year photo shoot visit New Year Photography Ideas [2018]

Start today then you get earned tomorrow.

Final words: Start a Photography business is not an easy business. You need to work hard learn as much as possible. Focus on quality work, client satisfaction. Your photography business will rock, whatever the photography genre is. See you successful…




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