Tips You’ll Need to Take Better Diwali Pictures!

Capture the festival of lights like a pro

With lights glittering everywhere, Diwali is an absolute picturesque scene that’s worth capturing forever in a photo. You’ll end up with blurry family photos and yellow splotches against a dark background that was supposed to be a beautifully lit sky. You can do better this year. Here are some tips that will help you take good Diwali pictures. Also Read: The Perfect Watches To Gift Him & Her This Season

Take Better Diwali Pictures!When capturing decorative lights

lamps If you want to capture the beautiful diyas and twinkling fairy lighting that are lighting up your home, you will need to keep your camera or phone extremely steady so that you can capture all the sharp details of these lights. You can also use the timer function while the camera or phone is stationed, to prevent it from shaking right after you click. Using a slower shutter speed will also help reduce the noise in the picture.

When capturing fireworks


capturing fireworksfireworks We’ve all tried taking fireworks during Diwali and we’ve almost all been a little disappointed because it’s never going to be as pretty on the photo, unless you do it right. There are a few tricks you can use to get a good shot. For instance, while shooting fireworks with a DSLR, you need to set the aperture between f8 and f16, a steady tripod, and a remote release. If you’re using a point-and-shoot camera, make use of the Fireworks Mode to shoot. And if it’s a phone camera, first make sure it has a good low light camera, then point this to the area that’s likely to become lit up and quickly take in the Burst Setting. Always anticipate the pace of the firework to fully capture it at the right moment and remember to keep your flash switched off. Likewise Read: These Smartphone Cameras Will Let You Catch Diwali Photos in Low Light

When recording people


recording peoplepeople Everyone’s meeting and greeting and this definitely call for some pictures. But simply acquiring people isn’t enough either. To capture the true festive feeling, you have to shoot them with all the decorations and light in the background. For such outdoor images, you should capture with a fill-in flash, arranged to low power. This will help you consider good images of people bursting crackers or just enjoying the festivities against a history that’s fully lit-up. To dramatically catch people playing with sparklers, you’ll need to shoot with a low-shutter velocity and a reliable camera. For a smartphone camera, be sure to utilize the fill-flash to light up faces as the bright lights are behind the subject

Learn the rule of thirds

learn Diwali photography


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