Top 10 Diwali gift ideas under $100 for photographers

Are you trying to shop for Diwali gift ideas for somebody who’s into photography? or even you’re a lensman yourself wondering obtaining another gadget? Below, you’ll notice our ten best buying concepts for photographers. These merchandises shouldn’t take an excessive amount of toll on your billfold. Most of them are between $20 and $100, however, if you wish to throw a number of additional Rupees in, their also some choices for you, as well.

Diwali gift ideas
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Peak Design straps: Slide and Clutch

Under 60$


Most DSLR cameras escort a neck strap. These straps are free and customarily, well, not therefore sensiblethey’re quite uncomfortable in use and laborious to detach from the camera if needed. Peak style makes some amazing straps. Our favorites are Slide and Clutch. Peak style Slide may be a sling strap which will conjointly convert to a shoulder and a neck strap, that makes it one in all the foremost versatile camera straps. Peak style Clutch may be a hand strap, that options a singular fast adjustment perform that delivers a secure grip and straightforward access to camera controls. Innovative attachment system, clever style, and nice quality are the ingredients you would like to impress any lensman. This could be one of the best Diwali gift ideas for your photographer friend.

ExpoDisc 2 white balance tool


Proper colours (white balance) is one amongst the attributes of any skilled photograph. one amongst the foremost reliable and simple ways in which to attain correct white balance is to use the ExpoDisc a pair of the filter. It instantly attaches to the front of a lens and permits to urge correct colours right within the camera minimizing post-processing work. whether or not an image is being taken inside or outdoors, with natural light-weight or flashes, ExpoDisc a pair of could be a must-have. You can gift your best photographer this Diwali with this white balance tool.

PortraitPro software

Taking portraits could gift plenty of challenges to photographers not solely throughout the photo shoot. However conjointly in post-processing of the images: from the skin and face imperfections to lighting and makeup issues. PortraitPro may be a very hip computer code that permits you to dramatically improve the portrait with minimum effort.


Achieving similar results with the standard photograph editing suites, like Photoshop, needs correct skills and time. PortraitPro may be utilized by just about anyone, and therefore the latest options. Like re-lighting or make-up enhancements, have taken this application to an entirely new level. Their area unit three versions presently offeredexcept for most photographers, we tend to suggest the PortraitPro Studio.

Portrait Pro may be a surprising Diwali gift idea for this Diwali 2018.

GorillaPod flexible tripod One of the best Diwali gift ideas

The GorillaPod by Joby may be an established resolution for fixing a camera in tough spots. Like poles, rocks, doors, fences, branches, you name it. The GorillaPod lets photographers capture new views and avoid carrying the bulkier typical tripods. There’s variety of various models of the GorillaPod out there. We have a tendency to advocate GorillaPod Original for smaller cameras advisement up to eleven.5 oz (325g) and GorillaPod SLR-Zoom for DSLR cameras with larger lenses.


Photographers love this kind of gifts. So this might be your perfect Diwali gift idea 2018.

Pixel X800c and X800n flashes


While natural light-weight photography is nice. Flash photography parades even a lot of potentialities for creative thinkingtransportable hot-shoe flashes ( Speedlights ) square measure an excellent. Thanks to doing flash photography. pel makes totally featured reasonable Speedlights: X800c for Canon and X800n for Nikon. A pel flash will be a wonderful 1st Speedlight or a further unit for multi-flash photography. the quality version of this flash is simply underneath $100, however, if you’re willing to pay some a lot of, the pel X800c professional offers intrinsic radio triggering capabilities additionally to all or any of the options of the pel X800c customary.

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Conclusion: We tried to gather some best Diwali gift ideas for photographers. If you have any suggestion ple feel free to comment.






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